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Aldy: The bad news in the vegetable: the consumer considers the mega shame


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Cliff Clipper Aldy Judd was surprised by the disgusting find. In the picture, a woman records her own.

Munich – a customer of Aldi South was surprised by the fact that he was really hateful. On the official Facebook page of the circuit breaker, the customer will announce the image of a strange object. The casual "side dish" bought the butter from a giant who did not match it. This should be a loss of appetite when thoroughly checking.

Finding Aldi Fat Dangers: The customer publishes a photo

This is a small, unobtrusive brown that the client holds with the front of the camera. But the disgusting effect made the South Elder customer to eat. The scaredy woman disclosed on the official Facebook page of the discount, she found the ugly shrimp in the yellow bought in the previously bought Aldi Süd. "Here's what Aldi's vegetables are!" Jesse! "The woman shows in the complement" fears that she has been found compulsory.

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Aldy Soud's warning was that the consumer complained of "side dishes"

It is unclear what the brown object, which is not defined in the post on Facebook. Some time after their complaint, the gigantic giant talked about himself. Thank you for the direct information about the non-contact part of the vegetable oils. We want your information to be looked up to our department and supplier as soon as possible, "explained Aldy Jud, under the published photo.

Disgusting by Aldee: It is not known exactly who the woman is from the found vegetables

Through the form of communication, the angry customer can report his disgusting result. Whether the fruit found in fruit and vegetables is hidden, what remains of the fine granules remains.

The Aldian Nord's product has an inevitable "side dish". Because of metal slices, the product should be reminiscent of now. The product of your own is dangerous to health. Good and inexpensive sausage ingredients from Edeka consumers should be carefully considered.

Nordsta's special burger from Nestlé aims to expand its offer. The meat is not processed.

It's not a bad thing when a customer is experiencing tinnitus recently. But the customer was amazed at the content.

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