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Berlin Murder Case: Keiras Killer (15) – 9 years in prison for Berlin


Berlin – The murderer is 15 years old, his victim is classmate: Marcel X (name changed) was sentenced to nine years in prison for murder.

On March 7, 201, Keira G. (14) had 23 knife wounds in his home in Al Guenshchenhausen, three were killed and killed openly.

On Thursday, the Berlin District Court sentenced Berlin for a year with the highest possible punishment for youth. This process was unpublished due to the age of the murderer. Only 513 KLs were referred to the file number 19/18 as "criminal case".

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Carin G. (41) – it's just a souvenir picture – it's never a common holiday with just one girlPicture: Private

Keira's mother says, "He committed murder"

After the decision, her mother said: "My daughter is in a panic and blood on the sofa. He has not been enough for nine years. It had no effect. It does not interest everyone. He took the life of a man. I have to accept it. He killed him. It was from the beginning. He is not satisfied with so many convictions. But even my daughter did not give me 15 years. If murder is proven, then the juvenile justice system can also be judged strongly. "

Since September 25, Berlin has suffered a horrible death on the skating rink.

Marcel and Keira knew each other at Grüner Campus Malchow.

It is made of 9b. Parents' home, a harmonious relationship. As we go to church, he will confirm in Weissensee in 2016.

The queen of slide 8. Very beautiful image and popularity. He is a professional sportsman at the beginning of the TSC, successfully runs skating. Life in front of you.

March 7, 2018 Plauener Straße (Alt-Hohenschönhausen) rental house. Kane's mother closes her blood with her blood. Instant doctors leave for one hour.

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Keira Berlin has been trained at Tengizchevroil in GuanchenhausenPicture: Private

Four days after Kane's death, a classmate was arrested. His DNA is at the scene. He admits in the interrogation.

Keira says she screams about a beautiful boy: her photo hangs her nursery! She said that Keira asked her to kill her. He had a naked picture on the phone and was afraid of his influence. The appraiser found him guilty. This led to the appearance of secretive phenomena.

Kane's mother, Karin G. (41) denies suicidal thoughts of her daughter. Every day he was confronted with the girl's murderer and interrupted the process. "He does not regret it," he says.

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