Wednesday , October 5 2022

Bierhoff: Bad Year fanatic interests – Sports News


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Leipzig – Team Leader Oliver Björhoff is responsible for low performance of the national team, mainly due to the low demand for tickets to a test match against Leipzig against Russia.

"Of course, there are many components, which ultimately depends on us," said Bierhoff, at a press conference at the 94th High School in Leipzig. "It's important for the audience to come back again with the national team and to enjoy the big football. «

Until now, only a quarter of 42 thousand tickets were sold to Red Bull Arena. DFB strives for 30,000. There are still many tickets for the latest DFB game in the Dutch Nations League, the Helsenkirchen.

Bierhoff made supersaturation of fans as another reason to be less popular. Through the Leipzig matches of the Europa League League of Regions, the city is regularly offered international football. Bierhoff believes UEFA and TV channels are responsible for delay at 20.45. This can not be determined by the DSE.

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