Friday , October 22 2021

Billoner Stefan Kvant participates in an airborne alarm system


Founder of the Deodor

Ingo Seebach, Jörg Lamprecht and Rene Seeber protect companies.

(Photo: Dedrone GmbH / Nikolaus Frank)

KasselMany drones are re-released in parks and streets in Christmas. The plane is one of the most popular prizes, and there are even simple models that allow you to see your home or neighbor's garden for 50 euros – the camera sends pictures to the smartphone.

49-year-old George Lammerxt can look at this boom for a few weeks in the order books: When the holidays are over, many companies report to their Dedron in Kassel. It develops systems for extinguishing missing aircraft. "Christmas business will provide a sense of consciousness," says Founder and Managing Director.

The movement in the spring is growing, not on toys. Deodron strives to achieve this goal: The company has won the billionaire Stefan Quanta as an investor in its shareholding. In addition to security, Dedrone technology offers many opportunities, for example, a future city, explained to BMW's major shareholder. It receives 10.15% of the authorized capital at unrecorded prices.

Investment is not about money. "One in Germany is good for us to open doors in Germany," says Lampertrecht Hendelblatt. The Quandt family is in good contact with customers, dealers, and partners. Former Cisco former CEO John Chambers has been working as a private investor in the United States.

The Deodron system controls the airspace using sensors. Designed to detect suspicious objects by using noise, motions, or radio signals. Frequency pilot pilots may be located. Technically, the planes can be forced to land – this is only permitted for police and military personnel.

Clients of the start are different: many prisoners do not want to allow illicit imports of narcotics or weapons to convicts. Athletes are afraid of attack and protect the stadiums. The World Economic Forum in Davos defended VIP guests with Deodron. There is also a threat to airports, refineries and data centers.

"The market begins again," says Lampertrecht. "However, in five years, the aircraft did not think about defense, and I do not think that the energy producer would build a power plant." Deodron wants to benefit from this development. With new capital, the company will expand sales to corporate clients and the public sector.

Especially in the United States, the sky alarm system is in demand because Lampeter and its founders, Ingo Seebah, are 44 years old and Renee Sedel 48, and moved to San Francisco in 2016. Research and development at Kassel, as well as ongoing production.

With the latest investment, Dedron acquired a $ 25 million venture capital from well-known names such as Target Partners and Menlo Ventures. Running does not open while doing business. The balance for 2016 is 3.1 million USD. The deficit of the euro, and the capital stock of $ 2.5 million. However, Lammertt asserts: "The environment is very dynamic."

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