Saturday , January 28 2023

Bus crash: Fürth – children in the suburbs of Bavaria


Two buses collided with students in Fürth district. At least four people were fired from the fire brigade.

At least 40 people were injured during the collision of two school buses in Fürth amsterdam, Franconi, five of them seriously. According to the data of children and adolescents and adolescents.

According to the police officer, at least four people were discharged from the fire brigade by heavy equipment. Several rescue helicopters are being used. The situation is confusing because of many injuries.

After the first discovery, police broke up two school buses. Another vehicle goes to the scene. In the first photo of the traffic accident, a busy city bus stands in the green strip next to the road. On a wall-mounted glass door, firefighters use special equipment.

Police briefed police about the location of their parents at the scene of the incident. Victims should be brought to the military unit. In addition, the police asked for an event site. Ammarkorf is located 20 kilometers from Nuremberg.

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