Friday , October 22 2021

Bye Cold: Researchers have invented an anti-cold super molecule


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Cold and cold days begin. Cough, nose and serenity are annoying in autumn and winter. It may be counterproductive to medication. There is still no effective tool for the cold. Symptoms such as headache, cough, and other irritant side effects can only be relieved by medication. But this can change quickly.

Super molecule IMP-1088 prevents cold viruses from breeding

There may have been cold weather recently.

British research team Aurelie Mousnier, professor of the Royal University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has developed a substance that does not allow conventional cold viruses, beginning with the spread and spread of the body, called rhinoviruses.

Over the course of more than four years, the British have been studying the artificial super-molecule called IMP-1088. Their study was published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

Biologists went so far: they did not look for a virus but studied the cells of an antivirus. These cells require all the same types of renovirus.

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The super-molecule behaves this way: it begins with the host cells, fights the virus, and does not cause harm to human cells. The IMP-1088 human proteins inhibit N-miristoyltransferase, which requires cold viruses to make copies. Copying will stop shortly. It may take a few hours after the treatment to improve. The molecule should be effective against all types of Rhinus virus. There is no risk of drug resistance.

Currently, the molecule is tested only in the laboratory

This can be a major breakthrough because there is no universal anti-oxidant antibiotics, with more than 160 different pathogens. They are very indirect and fast against drugs. Until now, it may be easier to cool by means of cold coolers, so only cold symptoms.

However, researchers are still tested only in the laboratory. The molecule needs further research until it is approved by the drug and available to consumers. According to Bild am Sonntag, it can be only in 10 years. Auréle Moznier, a biologist considers the type of nasal sprayer as the most appropriate, since at the beginning of infectious diseases, common cold viruses spread through the nose and pharynx.

Until the drug is accessible, the researcher recommends that you take care of the following items in order to avoid colds: good sleep, vitamin-rich diet, steady hand washing and, if not impossible.

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