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Cancer Killer: The researchers want to suck up cancer cells


Scientists at the International Cancer Research Institute estimate that nearly eighteen million people suffer from cancer and about 10 million deaths this year. Today, these are the highest values. That's why researchers around the world are looking for new ways of treatment. Now they could achieve a phenomenal breakthrough.

Millions of cells will be destroyed everyday in our bodies. This process of death is very important as it destroys potentially harmful organic cells. This cell suicide is the only cancer cell that has immunity. It ignores the signals of cell death in our immune system. But it can be a key to fighting malignant tumors. After all, if the mechanism of self-destructing cancer cells is motioned, it will be spoiled automatically, like any other body cell.

Last year, scientists from the Northwestern University in the United States found that there was a code that could cause cell deaths programmed into each cell in the human body. However, his researcher Markus Peter's researcher still could not explain his teaching. However, they are now successful, according to Nature Communications magazine. The current coding code can be an important milestone in the fight against cancer. Because it makes the cancer cells vulnerable to the use of chemicals.

As the cancer cells "hurt themselves and jumped out of the building"

According to a new study, the killing code is stored as ribonucleic acid (RNA) and micro-RNA information. Cell malignant RNA molecules can kill cancer cells. Like researchers, malignant tumors can not resist molecules. "Micro-RNA can be used to kill the victims of the infected cells," wrote the researcher Peter. "It's like blowing yourself, shooting yourself, jumping from the building, and suicidal," says the researcher. "You can not turn it off." If synthetically encrypted code can be synthesized, the murder code can be "activated without chemotherapy and gene modification".

According to the researcher, this is the purpose of the study. Not only these new, toxic substances, but also nature should not only use the mechanism that has been on our path, it is already present and requires only activation. Now, this is a question of introducing this mechanism into a new type of malignant neoplasms. But this may take several years.

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