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Carlos Gosn: Mitsubishi asks for an alliance with Renault and Nissan


General Renault CEO Carlos Gosn and President Mitsubisi Osamu Masuko: Will the alliance go?


General Renault CEO Carlos Gosn and President Mitsubisi Osamu Masuko: Will the alliance go?

Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi criticized the alliance, proposed by the stock market chart, with its competitors, Nissan and Renault. Renault Chief Executive Officer Carlos Gosnus, currently in prison, will be unlikely to be allied, Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko said on Tuesday. Mitsubishi's board of directors may resolve the issue next week.

Ghosn was arrested on Monday for violating stock market requirements. According to internal investigations, Ghosn and another manager did not fully appreciate Ghosn's case, receiving cash from the official Japan Stock Exchange reports. According to the media, since 2011, Ghosn spent five years with less than five billion yen.

Tonight, Renos's board of directors meets with Ghosn to discuss how to proceed. French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno LeMear urged the board of directors to appoint a temporary leader for Renault.

France's largest shareholder, Ghosn, is calling for a quick replacement

"Carlos Gosn can no longer manage Renault," French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mans said in an interview with France's Radio "Info radio". In the transitional period, the new leadership should take the lead. "But we do not demand the release of Ghosn officially – for one simple reason: we have no argument and we are committed to the rule of law," Le Mare said. It does not want to shake the Renault alliance with Nissan Motors. It is France, Japan and for the benefit of both companies. Le Maire spoke of the crisis as the French state holds a 15 percent stake in Renault's stock chart chart.

France also strives to show the alliance's continuity from the diagram of Renault and Nissan stock market. The partnership between the two carmakers has been in line with the interests of France, Japan and the two companies, Le Mérre reports. He conducted negotiations with the Japanese side on the topic. Priority for France is Renault 's stability.

This news caused a shock wave in the stock market and in the industry. Renault and Nissan's shares have lost considerably their value.

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Ghosn is one of the most authoritative car managers in the world. It is considered the architect of Renault and Nissan Nissan Alliance, which also includes the Japanese Mitsubishi car manufacturer. Experts fear that the alliance may fall if Ghosn does not hold it.

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