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Champions League: Antoine Grismann demands BVB fight – football


This can be a great weekend in Dortmund!

Belgium is not only the knockout stage of the Champions League today, but also the most reliable match against Munich champions (Sa., 18.30 hours / SKY), Atlético Madrid (21 hours at DAZN and BILD live riders).

Daniel Daniels (27): "If at Atletico we get a good result, it will be easier for Bayern".

However, there is something wrong with someone: Antoine Grismann (27)! Atletico wants to pay a fine for the French superstar "0: 4-Clelsche": "We want to use minor vulnerabilities in Dortmund's vulnerable areas. We want to be as closed and attacked as possible. "

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Picture: Getty Images Sports / Getty Images

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Alvas has scored eight goals in six appearances for BBV. In the last three La Liga games he always coached Atletico against Valencia: one goal, two helpPicture: Getty Images Sports / Getty Images

What kind of group does the BVB want to counter? Trainer Lucienne Favre (61) finished. But Bvnv will compete with the "full church" and the Swiss Bundesliga will not release their stars for the next explosion. The Swiss coach says: "We just want to focus on Atlético."

But he also knows that the Spaniards burned after the first box of revenge: "The opponent was very good, very good. We know that we can not dominate Atlético for 90 minutes. «

Then the coach of the Favre stars Diego Simeon (47) says: "For me, he is one of the best in the world. My colleague works fantastic. "Despite the 0: 4 score in Dortmund, he cried out before the Argentine chamber.

In Atlético, Spanish fighter Paco Alcácer (25) draws attention to Favre's fights. In the first galaxy, the former Barka star was unsuitable due to the pelvis complaint. He can now prove to be a huge mistake that he will be able to buy Barcelona's € 23 million in his country.

In any case, Simeone treats Little Paco (1.75 m) with great respect: "He knows where the destination is."

KNALLcácer is trying to prove it today …

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