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Cologne carnival live book: Zulficher Platz blocked – The queues before Südstadt's pubs


Cologne –

The new carnival session will begin on November 11 at 11.11. This time, the motto "Let's Go Home!"

Our reporters and photographers are out of town. We support all events and holidays of the city with the beginning of the fight season.

13:59: Gumarkt serious injury

The man was seriously injured in the accident in Homsar. The police have reported this on Twitter in Cologne.

13:48: Ordnungsamt goes to Dusseldorf

Today, 18 employees of Dusseldorf guard are sitting in front of colleagues in Cologne. Ordnungsdezernent Christian Zaum understood the way the coordinating staff was coordinating the activities in Cologne streets and squares. "It's all in 11.11. Not Dusseldorf. So it is interesting for us to know how to cope with Cologne. "

1:45: first interim review of the rescue service

A professional fire brigade reported that the first interim balance sheet for emergency services was much lower than last year. Numbers include ambulance and ambulance operations. In particular, the ambulance was forced to do 124 cases, and sometimes to ambulance. Compared to last year, 145 crew members worked simultaneously with the crew.

13:23: "Go anywhere!"

Slowly, last Jack must have warned: the city is in jest. Or Barbarossaplatz police say, "Go elsewhere, you can not come here".

The station still looks bad. We have room and time for ourselves.

Filling Station

If you look closely, you can see a few spaces in the crowd.


So you can get space too.

Selfie 2 Stairs Arton Krasniki

And for himself, all the pleasant smile!

Selfie 3 Stairs of Arton Krasny

Costumes and suits: perfect combination for overcoming carnival

Selfie Cathedral stairs Arton Krasniqi

At least 11.11 at a time. It was in Cologne. Selfie remembers.

13:13: It keeps Bohemmann Zulficher away

Well, this is strictly the case: Cologne warns Zulpichier Straße to flee. Satirist Jan Böhmermann is deeply concerned about this issue.

13:11: Paradise for Wildpinkers

Pyshing bear

Unfortunately, it is part of: This brown bear works in the Cologne Cathedral, and is only a few meters away from the four-meter-high houses.

12:35: Long lines to the Südstadt pads

When Humartt, Alter Markt and Zülpicher Straße were packed, Chloewigplatz looks very beautiful.

However, long lines appeared before the pubs in Südstad.

Lotta is the queue for Jan Stellmacher

Jecke waits for Lotta in Südstadt

11.50: Zülpicher Platz closed to closed road

Zulpicher Platz locked Jan Stellmacher

Zulpicher Platz is closed.

Zülpicher Platz closed. All intersections are full of Jecke. For this reason, there are no ring trains at the stop at the KVB. The access to Zülpicher Straße is also blocked.

Julienne is full of Jan Selmermeer

Access to Zülpicher Straße has been closed.

On the other side of the street, the South station is only accessible to Strobe in Luxembourg. There is still room in front of the university cafeteria in the city. It's good to get off the south station.

Penis Costume Adnan Akyuz

Fabian's suit from Duisburg (20, middle) met with the musical girls in Gurzinh. "I celebrate the Carnival in Cologne for the first time, and it is a good time to have thousands of people here."

11:22: It's a new era in Mensa

Mayor Elfi opened the stage before the Scho-Antwerp University canteen. So Kwatier Latäng is released. While Zülpicher Straße's initiative is already full, there is still room. The program includes groups such as Querbeat, Kasalla and Beer Beatches with Carolin Kebekus. In addition, the Die Mittanzgelegenheit, Blitzbangers and Pow Pow Movement DJs play in the afternoon and evening.

Stage Mensa Jan Stellmacher

The stage before the University cafeteria

11:11: The session is here!

Tätäääää! It is officially open at the 2018/2019 session. Mayor Henrytte Rebecca and train conductor Christophe Kukelkorn count the census in Cologne. And now? Now, Hulda has celebrated Zulficker and Co (later).

10:59 hour club, Alaaf!

We offer: a team photo of the year. Do you know who's in the suit?

New Content (2)

FC, Alaaf! Team photo of the year.

Marcus Enfang entered the Gebbachheim in the morning. In Kelsey and in the music boys prepared for a joint party. "We are going to the city now and going to the evening," said Simon Terode.

10.50: Alter Markt and Heumarkt are full – Zülpicher Straße is full

Thousands of carnivalists in different colors are located at Zulpicher Strasse at 11:00 am, snakes appeared before bars and clubs. The KVN manages to drive from Zulficker Platz by the castle construction wheel along the Railway Train.

Wielkopink Ding before Stellmacher

Two people go to the construction container under the "Din" student club.

Crabpicher Jan Stelmaher grid

Employees of the Cologne transport company (KVB) provided Zülpicher Straße with locked access to the building block.

Additionally, Cologne entered the old town, where Alice Mark and Gyumrard were full. Both places are closed immediately.

10.32 hours: Jeck am Dom

Carnival Cathedral Julia Bower

It is also celebrated in the cathedral.

Gumartt, Tanzbrunn, … there is something missing. Certainly, Cologne Cathedral! Also, yesterday, at 11:11 am, they gathered to meet a new session.

10.28 hr: triumvirate in full regalia

Stommere Buure

Wat is the dat? Stommeln already has their triumvirate in full regalia. At 11.11 night KG Stommeler Buure announced. Prince Jan, farmer Daniel and daughter Renate.

As usual, Rene Vermke typically cures Cologne by phlegmatics of blue phosphorescence cough. It is logical that the triumvirate on stage has captured all the blue sparks by human force. Christinahalle, Stommere Gurzenich, explodes in the trail, and all sparks could not find a spot on the stage.

10.15: 11.111 Jecke waits for a dance frieze

He will also gather for the opening of the Carnival in many performances of carnival groups such as Jecke, Brings, Kasalla, Cat Ballou and Bläck Fööss in Deutz.

Jecke Dance Fountain Pinner

Entrance to Tanzbunn in Duct

Ludwig Sebus was the first artist to open the Kölner countdown in Tanzbrunnen. Dancing fountains are sold. "We want to live peacefully here with 11,111 pedestrians," Mrs. Linus said.

Reflects on Pinner's dance

Three Stone Age in Cologne Dance Wallpaper.

9:55: Signing in the Conditional Town Hall

Triumvirate signed a new session on 9.50 at the city council.

Rams of Triumvirate

Triumvirate signed a new session in the City Assembly Hall with the participation of Lord Mayor Henriette Requet (left to right).

9.40 am: There is no KVB train on Zülpicher Straße

Zulpicher Straße Line 9 does not have trams, trams are deviated.

9:23: The uprising in Gyumark

city ​​rebels

Riot rebels in Homs

The first group on the stage in Hermark – the city rebel. Their singer, Dennis Kleimann, is a Hitlerist in the band Jürgen Zeeling.

9:19: The main thing is warm

The weather can be much more convenient, but much worse. For those who choose coffee and heat insulation, it's like a giraffe suit.

9 hours: Start at Heumarkt

Let's Go! Elmar Sommer, a Gumar member, takes part in the party's initiative session – the sign language is translated by the translator.

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