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Croatia – Spain 3: 2, UEFA League of Nations, 2018/19 June, 5 May – Match Report


Spain will face the first victory in the 3-2 League of Nations

Leverkusen Tin Jedvaj Croatia's second goal was overwhelmed by his first defeat at the League of Nations during the injury. After the open session in the second section, the tournament won Spain with a score of 3: 2. The 2010 World Cup resulted in a finals for Croatia's win against the English team.

Tin Jedward

Caring for Croatia's victory: Leverkusen's Edvaya's second goal is celebrated.

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Croatia's national coach Dalís began his comeback and went to 11 people: as usual, two Rakitic and Modrich took the road, Frankfurt Rebick and Hoffenheim Kramarich entered the front – Lewerken's Jedward Bundesliga trio.

The Spanish referee, Luis Enrique, held his team in the traditional 4-3-3: Sergio Ramos Bilbaos formed a central defense of Martinez, when Hoddi Alba returned to the left and attacked Aspas, Rodrigo and Isco.

The initial stage of the Maximer stadium at Zagreb stadium was home. The five-minute winner of the five-minute drive from Perissicus was the first exclamation mark: The actor Barchas Sergi Robertton left the line at the bottom of the line and dried it from the left corner. He shot De Gea with a Spanish goalie, and he still scored the ball to aluminum. After the first excitement, the vice-world champion remained in the trigger and scared several times in the Spanish sixteenth wing.

Spain with difficulties

During the first 45 minutes La Roja had great difficulties with Croats and had not developed. Only a quarter of an hour Luis Enrique's team found themselves in their rhythm and started racing.

In the second part of the open exchange

After the break, two opponents went to work in an open exhibition. After leaving Roberto Roberto, Cramaric's account was opened: The defender pushed the ball into the periphery of Percychic. Winger switched to lightning speed and ran to the skin directly to Cramarchie. Hoffenheimer was released only in front of the nerves and caught the ball in the niche (54).

Enrique-Elf wakes up behind

In his direct response La Roze did the right thing: Ceballos began his hit "Hepe" and was transferred to his colleagues from the club "Asparas" and "Isco" – the equalizer was formally known for the midfielder of Real Madrid's (56). After the 1-1 st stage, the second goal was clear to the guests.

In the second and the second half

Croatian players smiled and smiled: Modric worked perfectly in the corner from where Jvedva was left alone with the Spanish defensive team and had to halt only the second goal (69). As a result, it went further. Croatian goalkeeper Kalinic saved Savon at the 75th minute, but after three minutes, Ramos was weak in the penalty area: after bidding Valsalzhko, Belarusian Kulbalkov made a decision after a brief break. Claim on claim (77)

Jedvai is right again

Croatia – In order to win, we had to get another chance to win. Through the Jeddai Lucky Punk, it took place at the third minute of the suspension. De Gea replaced the international debut of Brackoff, the Wolfsburg, which was celebrated at the feet of a guardian. Jedveda maintained his coolness at the second post and twice entered Croatia's first league title in the League of Nations.


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