Tuesday , August 16 2022

Eintrachts TORRO inguinal surgery! 5-month break! – Bundesliga


The mistake is bitter! Lucas Torro (24) requires surgery. Eintrachts Spanish will last for five months. That is, the midfielder is unlikely to be used this season.

"It's a bad news for Lucas and us," commented Bruno Huber, Director of Sports (57). Yesterday, doctors, players and supervisors sat together. The Torro adult area, which had suffered from pain for more than four weeks, was injured. His last attempt was: Dusseldorf 7: 1 in a very strict volleyball. After that, I had to change it.

The operation takes place in Barcelona. Torro is close to his parents. But not far from Bundesliga, it only took place in Eintracht (5 missions). Huber: We wish him the best.

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