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Euro Sunday Name: 10x Stability – Safe Returns in Safe Times for Maximum Stocks Messages


K. Schachinger and S. Bauer, Euro am Sonntag

This is a bit unstable. Since the beginning of October, costs have not been thoroughly solved by many investors. At the beginning of November, clubs in New York and Frankfurt began to move, but it is still unknown where the journey is going. Technologies and chip resources have suffered more than current correction. After all, these names have brought investors to an average price increase.

Companies in the technological field have made substantial gains in the most important index ever. But there are signs that change. The business model of many companies in the technology sector is cyclically dependent on semiconductor industry. These funds are especially threatened by global economic growth.

Especially the President of the United States Donald Trump Trade with China is economically degrading. Ex-US Goldman Goldman Sachs and former US Treasury Secretary Hans Polson are warning of the Iron Treasure Park, which America is trying to "toughen" all aspects of China's economic relations. The economy in the United States is still good. However, while the dollar is rising, and the increase in the negative foreign exchange rate and the rise in tariffs, the growth of costs will hinder the growth of sales and revenue, particularly in economically sensitive areas, particularly in industrial or technological spheres.

This year companies On average, according to the S & P 500 American index, their average value increases by eleven per cent. Experts expects only four per cent increase in this figure in 2019.

Europe's economy is not good at all lately. This is evident in the development of DAX, for example. Several companies were satisfied during the quarter (see page 22). The turbulence surrounding Breckets and budget disputes with Italy create additional uncertainty (see page 12).

Investors rely on stability

In the turbulent period, investors seek inventories that promise stability. Therefore, in the case of changes in the editorial staff of Sonotag, they sought stocks that promoted price stability and potential. Two key aspects of our search are: market position and economic power. We decided to find the most reputable companies in the business, which is difficult to attack because of their high level of competitiveness. This principle, on the other hand, always provides regular cash flows to our preferred candidates.

Features such as low debt, high cash flows and substantial cash flows are highly valued at interest rates. Full stock protects against crises, as it allows companies to invest even in tough times. If things are tough, then competitors will be able to compete. And these companies can continue to buy shares and pay dividends.

Approximately 239 billion euros of cash and about $ 57 billion in cash flows (ie cash flow before and after paying dividends) approximate to Apple's technology team. The American market position is also very good. However, due to the weakness of the sector, we have temporarily removed offers from the list.

Then we chose ten funds mainly from defense sectors, such as telecommunications and pharmaceuticals, including many US funds and investors using the dollar. They need to provide growth of anti-crisis prices.

Boeing has hit: The European rival Airbus company has been awarded the Americans by co-operation with the Brazilian Embraer airplane manufacturer over the average airplane provided by the Canadian Bombardier competitor. They prefer the construction of two globally global aircraft, because they have a high cash flow. The bomber is a small manufacturer of small aircraft, with its average speed.

Boeing has another flight: In 2018, the volume of investments is twelve billion euros. Airbus and Boeing benefit from regular trends in air traffic. The need for economic flows is particularly good. China, for example, is not a serious competitor of China. For this purpose, Airbus and Boeing have a great technological breakthrough. Although Airbus operates on a high level and with its normal political influence, Boeing can take full advantage of its business. Over the decade, the high cost of the stake will be announced for Boeing.

Conclusion: Lower political impacts on market than duopolism and Airbus make good investments in Boeing.

Former Boss Ron Sommer announced the purchase of the US Voicestream mobile phone in the spring of 2000, the beginning of the boom of the T-Share stock exchange. Summer was very expensive and it was Brsianern. Comments T-Mobile US mobile phone company Voicestream is # 3 industry in the USA. Americans are constantly growing under the leadership of the same charismatic and aggressive leader John Ledger, and recently they have set a new record in the number of customers and their success. T-Mobile, along with Sprint, competes with US competitors to tighten AT & T and Verizon Wireless, in line with the US-sponsored anti-monopoly authorities approval.

Thanks to the American energy connection German mother's earnings and cash flows are also rapidly growing. This year, the telecom has more than six billion euros, and this year, the free flow of cash is about six billion Euros. Shareholders are expecting only five per cent of dividend income today, which is one of the highest shares in DAX. Due to the strong cash inflow, regardless of the investment in new technologies, regardless of the 5G mobile communication standard, the distribution is very safe.

Conclusion: Average price indices for the past decade but attractive dividend yield.

The series of losses caused by natural disasters, first of all the hurricanes in the United States, make Hanover much better than most of its competitors. The world's fourth largest re-insurer has responded to the growing competition between major asset managers such as the Blakecreek, which produces special policies for severe losses due to severe weather conditions in the United States. Lower Saxony is now a big player in the new segment. In addition, Hannover has recently been a strong outcome of capital investments.

In 2017, the reinsurer had to pay more Acquisition of dividends from its portfolio to compensate for extreme damage from natural disasters. Recent investment income proves that the company has paid off dividends. 3.2 percent of investment income was projected above 2.7 percent. From the viewpoint of cash flow commitments, Hannover Re, as an important indicator of financial flexibility, achieved a very good performance compared to other sectors, Bloomberg reports. The MDAX team of Hanover has recently confirmed the forecast for the amount exceeding 1 billion euros by 2018.

Conclusion: It has 4 challenges in the world and offers high dividend yields.

Americans have world-renowned brands: antiarrassic acetaminophen or Dolormin pain is a pharmaceutical program, treatment products and creams for Bebe or Neutrogena brands. More than $ 72 billion in pharmaceutical and consumer goods company in New Jersey, USA Drugs provide half of the business. Fourth, medical devices such as artificial joints, catheters or stents, implanted microscopic vessels.

Thanks to a wide range Paying attention to everyday needs and medicines, the economy has little impact on the economy. In addition, Americans are the market leader in many niches. In the current financial year, cash flows increased 1.5 times and amounted to more than 19 billion euros. Debt is not a big issue. For investors, paper is known as regular investment. Traditionally, the Fund is highly valued.

Conclusion: Quality has its own price. Despite the attractive investment of high estimate.

In the current year, With a turnover of more than EUR Novartis is No. 4 in the world pharmaceutical business. Funds such as Volteren have been well-known throughout Switzerland for relief. Most importantly, Basel's group is one of the anti-protein drugs developers, for example, Glivec, a blood-prophylactic treatment. Also, CART is one of the pioneers in Novartis, called cellular therapy. In a promising lifetime, patients are immune cells that are genetically processed, so they also recognize and destroy cancer cells in the body.

Bas Vas Nasimimhan needs the first place The novel was given four years ago in the industry. The gigant must also be useful. The operating margin of patented protected products reaches 35%. This is 5 percentage points higher than the current one. The portfolio of high-quality products and treatments such as Glivec and CAR-T cells in the portfolio is expanded. Novartis US Ophthalmology Alcon is expected to be an independent company in 2019.

Conclusion: The pharmaceutical giant wants to climb to the top. Dividend yield is attractive.

Denmark is a global leader in the preparation of patients with diabetes. The world market of medicines, such as artificial insulin, as well as other drugs for diabetes, associated with diet, is constantly increasing. Diabetes mellitus is one of the increasingly growing diseases in emerging markets. The cereals constantly expand their market leadership through innovation. According to Bloomberg Research, Novo Nordisk requires 45 percent of the global market for insulin in 2022, its value exceeds $ 5.3 billion.

Currently, the company is struggling with pricing about 50 percent of sales in the U.S. market. Denmark, therefore, extends its business beyond the United States. Novo Nordisk has a very high cash flow due to its debt. The balance of cash surplus exceeds the annual turnover. After a weak financial year in 2018, revenue growth will increase to approximately 15 percent, according to estimates.

Conclusion: It is a great place in the success of the health market.

As the energy value, the British-Dutch team is unique in our recommendations. The main variable of development of future cash flows. Over the last few years, there has been a drop in listing. However, Ben Van Büren, who was appointed as CEO at the beginning of 2014, has proved that he / she knows how to deal with the decline of the year, as in 2014/2015.

There were many non-profitable assets sold in Burberry, its effectiveness and acquisition of BG Group gas experts have put their views on the growing natural gas market. Shell is one of the world's leading gas suppliers. The Group is also one of the most financially reliable companies in the industry. This year, more than 20 billion euros of free cash flows are available, which means the debt is now favorable. Shell also launched a $ 25 billion purchase-of-sale program.

Conclusion: Not cyclic sensitive than many competitors. Dividend high returns make the fund attractive.

Ken Kenje was re-organized as a Chief Executive Officer. As an old CFO, the manager has reduced the range of smartphones, TVs and laptops and cut them for profitability. The smart step: Yoshida fights Sony's valueless and competitive competition with Korean and Samsung's business with Samsung. And Japan's largest technology team is engaged in gaming console games and video games, expanding market leadership.

60 million users worldwide Also, the Sony Playstation network takes movies and music in their own console or receives cable TV channels. These companies successfully stabilize and promote high cash flows. Japanese leaders have high-quality optical chips for smartphones and digital cameras. With the advent of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Sony is ahead of its competitors, Microsoft and Facebook. More than 21 billion euros of cash, Sony is the third largest corporation in Japan. Toyota's only car maker is 44.6 billion euros. Eight times more than the cash inflow of Sony cash.

Conclusion: Powerful Balance on the Consumer Market Video and online games – it makes constant investments in the Group.

British-Dutch producer of food, cosmetics, body care products and household and textile products costs $ 51 billion. Is one of the largest manufacturers of daily products in excess of Euro. The group has well-known brands such as Knorr, Lipton or Magnum, which can reach three to five percent annually.

Unilever is growing faster than the market. It is also due to the fact that 58% of sales are due to emerging markets. In the first half of the year, business grew by 8 percent, in industrial countries – by 1.8 percent. Paying attention to plant growth areas will strengthen the Group's cash flow and cash flows. Treasury has about four billion Euros, with a cash flow of 5.5 billion Euros annually offering attractive dividends.

Conclusion: Notwithstanding the estimated estimates, long – term prospective investments.

Visa payment system provider Visa has been listed for over ten years. In the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Index has grown tenfold since Brsendebt in March 2008. Cause: Americans have created a global financial services network and a strong brand. Visa is not only the largest provider of credit, debit and debit cards in the world, but also one of the beneficiaries of non-cash payments via smartphone. The industry leader considers his business to be extremely profitable: In the last quarter, for example, $ 5.4 billion has a net profit of 2.9 billion. The result was about one-third.

The company benefits from the US economy and the consumption of Americans. In the long term, he runs a highly profitable financial business business with a cashless payment process. The visa has a substantial 36-fold debt burden, and all theoretical obligations are paid within less than two weeks. Security is about 16 billion euros.

Conclusion: Securities, financial stability and profitability are very high.

Ten Highest Value of Depot Stability (pdf)

So we chose:

analysis: To search for stable shares, we have acquired the relevant global stock indexes in the US and Europe as the starting point: In the US, S & P 500
Stoxx Europe 600 in Europe, DAX and MDAX, and Nikkei 225 in Japan. We chose sectors that were less dependent on economic growth fluctuations to select ten resources. Individual values ​​should be higher, with free cash flows (free flows of cash)
Cash and cash equivalents for cash flows and liabilities. Permanent dividends are a factor in the stability of business models.

Cash and short-term funds: Securities and securities. Corporations use these resources, such as purchasing financing or financing policies such as purchases.

Cash Flows Borrowed: This figure is an indicator of debt and business model performance. The high indicator means that the debt will be repaid quickly. The debt to cash flows reflects how many years it has been contractually fractured to handle all of its liabilities, if any, by deducting cash flows from operating operations as a whole
Business can be used.

Free Cash Flow (FCF): This is the cash proceeds of the Company after deducting the investment. Free cash flows are used to repay loans, pay dividends and buy back shares.


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