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Fish fishing protects children from asthma


Can fish consumption reduce the risk of asthma?

Especially there are many people who suffer from asthma at this age and age. Many children suffer from the disease. Researchers have found that fatty fish reduces asthma symptoms as part of a healthy diet.

Researchers at the University of La Trobe found that salinization, such as salmon, trout and sardine, can lower asthma symptoms for children. Doctors published the results published in the magazine Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietology in English.

The fish is healthy and tasty. Researchers have found that fish oil protects the kidneys. It may contain omega-3 fatty acids. (Photo: karepa /

Fish Disease for Algae Treatment?

The International Study Group has improved lung function for children with asthma as they have spent half a century of calm, fat-rich Mediterranean diet. The results show that a proper diet can be a potential treatment for childhood asthma.

The diet has a great impact on the risk of asthma

High diet of fat, sugar and salt can affect the development and development of childhood asthma. Now, asthma symptoms prove to be controlled by proper nutrition, "writes Maria Papamyli, author of the La Trobe University.

Fish twice a week protect children from asthma

Fatty fish contains many omega-3 fatty acids. These anti-inflammatory properties are known. Research has shown that twice a week the feeding of fish helps to absorb childhood. In addition to the traditional Mediterranean diet, which is rich in plants and fatty foods, it can be a simple, safe and effective way to relieve asthma symptoms in childhood.

Doctors are looking for new treatments for asthma treatment

More commonly, it is one of the most common causes of youth respiratory illness and hospitalization and emergencies. The level of asthma is very high. It is necessary to identify the new treatment that can be used with traditional asthma medicines.

How have children used fish?

The study included 64 children aged between 5 and 12 in Greece. All participants suffered from soft asthma. The disciplines were divided into two groups. For six months, the group had to eat twice a week cooked oily fish (less than 150 grams). The rest of the children retained their normal diet. At the end of the study, doctors found that bronchial inflammation decreased by 14 units in children who regularly consume fish. (As)

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