Sunday , August 14 2022

Frank Rosin: "Spicy" ambulance service


The viewer, Frank Rosin, probably did not have to wait for that. Rosin was usually allergic to shame when the taste of the team was in the "Taste" group. She was forced to stop the show, and an ambulance was called to call even 52-year-old children. What happened?

At mid-October, at least 20 people competed for a spoon. Wake-up show is already in the sixth season. Another jury member is Frank Rosin, who wants to get the best spoons with his team at the final, such as Roland Trettl, Alexander Herrmann and Cornelia Poletto.

Demonstrate demolition of Frank Rosin

Yesterday's topic was "Forest". It should contain ingredients such as marinaded spruce, lavin oil and juniper oil. Chefs have tried them beforehand to spice the ingredients later. Also, Frank Rozin. But it is allergic to wooden flowers. It did not last long and Rosin was bad. He told Cornelia Poletto that she would have to quit writing. Now I've just eaten this flower, and now I get sick and have a headache, "says the TV presenter.

She is on the sofa in the dressing room. But he did not stay that way. He called for an ambulance and was ready to help Frank Rosin. The star chef introduced the cured and allergic medication. Although Rosin returned to his feet, it was the result of an allergic reaction: Rosin was unable to taste dishes, so he did not divide any stars. Frank Rosin was once again threatened with the blossoming of the tree.

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