Tuesday , January 31 2023

From Berlin-Gesundbrunn: A foolish killing patient – in the daytime – in custody in Berlin


A 30-year-old man in Berlin-Hessundbrunnen fired on Friday morning a social worker suffering from mental illness. The victim later died. The alleged perpetrator was first able to escape, and then the police began a large-scale deployment and searched for helicopters and Special Operations Command (SEK). After a few hours of search, a person was detained at the crime scene in the daytime.

The 30-year-old criminals are called "BZ". Cheers from Grozny. The man was known to the police and was detained in June 2009 until March 2016. There he sat down after his conviction for attempted murder.

The police said to the public at the time of the investigation: "Immediately inform any suspected short-term surveillance by 110 emergency calls and do not approach the suspect yourself," he said.

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