Wednesday , February 1 2023

Image of Nazi Demonstrations: The conflict in Nieder-Holland in Bibliotheca


The police work with six shells and more than 1000 forces, fireworks, and Niederwall

Alexandra Bac

Bielefeld. As expected, the first neo-Nazis arrived at Bielefeld's main station on Saturday at 12.30 pm – a noisy concert of around 3,000 demonstrators. The situation is still under control of the police. Shorter moments of the terrorist act, however, were when the demonstrators dropped two firefighters on the base station in the direction of Neo-Nazi. Explosions hit the police. Officers went to safety and no one was injured. But since then, the atmosphere has come a bit after a relaxing lunch. Also on the side street of Niederwall was a noisy street because demonstrators ignored barriers. There are hundreds of Neo-Fascists in Bielefeld. Supporters of the "Legal" party point to the release of Ursula Huberbek, detained in the Holocaust, Bielefeld. Other counter-testimonies are also taking place. Participants of thousands of protests in Bielefeld City Hall, Jahnplatz, Kesselbrink, Siegfriedplatz, Turnerstraße and Arndtstraße. Previous recording police: Nine criminal charges, six lawsuits, and two arrests from both sides. According to police spokesman Hella Christoff, police officers are satisfied. The city center in Belefeld is currently closed, and buses and trains are not typical.

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