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iPhone-2020: Intel introduced a new 5G chip half a year ago | news


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XMM 8160 is the name of the new Intel LTE chip. The manufacturer suggested this Multimodal modem is now public. The production is expected in the second half of 2019. By 2020, Intel expects 8160 products.

Provides 4G and 5G connections simultaneously
The chip supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G and delivers 6 gigabits per second. It also includes some advanced features, such as LTE and 5G simultaneous connections. Thus, Intel provides reverse compatibility with the modem as mobile operators do not alter all the platens at the beginning of the 5G introduction. Intel also supports new millimeter spectra within the 6 MHz band and multiple bands (from 600 MHz to 6 GHz FDD and TDD). To support full bandwidth, device manufacturers Minichip should be paired with two different types of radio receivers.

The XMM 8160 brings many functions and frequencies under one roof. Photos: Intel

The first iPhone 5G is expected to host the first 5G
However, Intel is pushing ahead with its early announcement, but how does Apple respond? According to reports, the iPhone maker wants to wait for the successor of the XMM 8061, as the modem currently produces too much heat. In addition, it must be very powerful. Intel intends to release the heirs and solve problems in the process of 10nm. However, it is still unknown when the line is removed.

Not until 2020
Though it may be theoretically possible, next year's idea of ​​the 5G iPhone will be unlikely. On the other hand, Intel claims that they are delivered only in the second half of the year and need time to fit the chips into the fittings. Go to the second
Long-term phase monitors show requirements for Apple's power consumption, tight integration and reliability. Intel had to cut its cycle in half a year, so Apple really comes through this 5G market this fall. On the other hand, the iPhone manufacturer does not implement the product cycle.

Small, compact, high-resolution: 8160 how much energy is spent, Intel says.

Extremely unwilling
There is no high-speed location, as mobile phone companies may take several years to convert all their radio stations. Next year it is planned to connect the metropolitan areas for the first time. The aftermarket allows you to adopt less 5G energy-efficient peripheral devices to provide laptops. Next year we'll see the first smartphones at 5G. For experts, however, an extended 2019 trial period. In 2020, the most complex and highly integrated products are expected. Apple, which did not offer new components as its first manufacturer, will introduce the first iPhone with 5G communication in autumn 2020, which is at least a dominant forecast.

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