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Lena Meyer-Landwright sees a new photo with slippery lilies, and one sees absolutely different


Lena Meyer-Landward will be able to reassure his beloved fans with the final comment after the last discussion. But something is not a 27-year-old singer.

Lena Meyer-Landward: The photo is full of enthusiasm

November 07, at 10.00 hours updated: Currently, Lena Meyer Landourt does not provide her fans with new albums, which she released in May 2015. However, his notes on Instagram are unclear. Every three days, 27-year-old new photos will be posted. A sensual look and a bit of a mouth opens. For some fans, especially the photos of the vaccine are opposed to criticism, the singer is very thin. But with the last position Lena Meyer-Landrust is quite different: in his green clothes, he raises his head and puts him on a car – inspiration among the fans.

"Free green light anywhere," he wrote on his Instagram page. The description of this cryptic picture does not allow fans to find the super-post. The "most beautiful", "beautiful" or "dual-legged" inspiration inspires users. The whole picture is illustrated with open pants, as noted below, forgot.

But one of his followers sees a very different person in the picture: "They are there … Korda is green!", The user believes. Is the singer actually hit by this post? In any case it will remain.

Lena Meyer-Landward is taking pictures with open pants, and then the fans run to each other.

Upgrade from November 5 to 10.17:

Lena Meyer-Landrut, a new photo posted on Instagram on Sunday, raises a fierce debate among his fans. Then, the 27-year-old guy presented the idea of ​​a sexy guy: a wide assortment of pants with white caps and white hats. Most importantly, the singer's sister allows them to talk to their followers.

Many followers agree. "Beautiful", "Hot", "Woman" or "How beautiful can you be?" In the photo where the singer read. But others are enthusiastic, but other users notice the details they have not found so remarkable.

"Bissy is very tender, with all respect", "Deep Thin" or "Oh, my God … how are you infected?" Some are worried about the singer. "It is not healthy," says the user.

Some of his followers, who find critical words for Lena's hero, interact with their fans. "Why so thin," the user immediately asks, "If you do not like it, shut it off." Since then, these and other hot discussions have been removed from reviews.

Very different, not very attentive, after giving advice, fanatic: "Go to your parent, you are never sick."

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Lena Meyer Landrow shot a shock – she is almost unrecognizable

October 28, 2018, at 10:57: Gänsehaut-Feeling invites Lena Meier-Lendruth with his fans. Singer (27) photographed in Instagram, which he did not recognize. It flies away from the blood. Lena Meyer-Lendrucht is particularly troubled by white contact lenses and blond hair. The zombie bride "Halloween is in mood", she writes on her own.

Their followers are somewhat confused, but their suffering is horrible. The words, "Oh, my God, Lena," "The victim of domestic violence, but the good," explain this horror.

"It's really wonderful, it's great, you can see it again, real beauty can not change." However, the details speak very much: blond. Many blonde are simply surprising. Lena Meyer Landourt Hair color loses adoration and its hand is bleached?

"Stupidity": Lena Meyer-Landward Announces Photos – and shows too many skins

Upgrading from October 28, 2018: Lena Meyer-Landward is dedicated not only to music and Echo's victory, but also to sharp pictures in Instagram sometimes. On Saturday, a 27-year-old girl was again beaten. On the social network, Lena Mayer-Landrust has photographed some of her favorite palm.

In the picture Lena is in the chair, she looks at her mobile phone. But their admirers do little to care – those who love it are Lena Meyer, a white body that has a very strong foot-skinned look, and this step involves something not just unusual. What is your end? Naked Only two white sneakers are used in the legs. And that is not enough for most of their fans.

"Cheap and slutty," explained one user, drawing a picture: "Good slut". Another user is annoying with the ESC permitted photo streak: "1001. photo of a self-immolated, small photoshop. Lena is not a serious musician and just a shame for every woman. It is distinguished only by body. Reliable. «

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Lena Meyer-Landwright becomes alcoholic beverage – fans just look at one another

Renewal October 24, 201
8Latte has already entered the game for some time. Many famous swimsuits are made of green tea.

singer Lena Meyer Landourt (27) In Instagram, Mathew Latto introduced himself as an Lattee fan in an article published recently. Apparently, this player plays a special role for the ESC winner.

"Matha Latte, I'm not with him," writes Lena Meier-Lendrucht. In addition, the artist was photographed with a large glass-covered sportswear in his hand. Although he is standing on a brick wall, his lips have a transparent straw. But Lena Meyer-Landward is not interested in what to eat, and is not interested in some fans.

Lena Meyer Landourt polarizes her fans

Comments on different topics: Lena's stomach and especially its body weight. The 27-year-old girl repeatedly diverted her fans into question. Some are amazed and surprised, and the singer finds it slim.

"More than six pockets? Be cautious with medicines! "Warns the fan." You're pretty, but you have to eat more.

Others encourage their figures or do not understand the discussion of this eternal weight. The reactions are irritated accordingly. "O God, all you need is to eat more," "All the posters on the road should eat more," or "Only his life should be sacrificed."

Lena Meyer Landourt will surprise her fans and show her child

Update October 22, 2018Lena Meyer-Landwright (27) makes this powerful vortex. The singer has surprised his fans at Instagram because he has this picture. A 27-year-old boy shows his child openly.

"Me and my son-1" Insta writes Lena Meyer-Lendrupt for a post and ends with heart emotions. Their followers are applauding and glad. In the comments you can read "How sweet you are", "Dreamteam" or "You are so beautiful".

The boy is the "Kivi", the singer Lena Meier, the sweet hybrid of Landwright. The musician received a dog from a shelter 2 years ago. "Kiwi" is a dove from Greece. Indeed, Kivi has its own Instagram account. However, fewer than in the past few months. Perhaps Lena Meyer-Landward is guilty of it, so she has published such a statement that is very popular – her love for her favorite interest.

Lena Meyer-Landward has advanced strength

Refresh October 14, 2018: If you have deep necks, you should avoid too much distraction. Lena Meyer-Lendrupt pushes this picture and captures Instagram. Although somebody is aesthetic black and white, you can see many fans in the bust. This explanation does not work, but playing here is too bad.

The brand is full of "How beautiful can a person be?" – Some people see Lena as only in the bathroom.

Lena Meyer Landwright is especially dingy – and will get a real offer soon

Updates for October 12, 2018: Wow, what a photo! Lena Meyer Landourt posted a new photo on Instagram Thursday night. He happily happens to be holding his head in his hand, holding a red finger and touching his red lip. Intrigued view from intense painted sources.

Lena says, "You want to be my girlfriend," someone writes. "Uh enjoys hot", replaced the other. "Mmh is your magic wife" is the third user.

In fact, photographs are more complex than erotic ones. Lena wrote: "Overcome your fears."

With the exception of a few criticisms, as is the case with the 27-year-old artist's photograph, it should be appreciated that there are many compliments. "Beautiful," "Loved," "very serious and attentive, but beautiful" – a further reaction.

But our favorite opinion is: "You are very beautiful and read all about it." Thanks, Dear Instagram user, "lotti.ldr".

Probably interesting: He is considered to be "the hottest doctor in Germany": Munichin is freely available online

Lena Meyer-Landrut writes a new photo on Instagram

Updates for October 6, 2018:

Lena Meyer Landwright posted a new image on Instagram. The 27-year-old singer is between two men and two men. Background: Lena was a guest at a charity event.

"On October 3, the day of German Unity, the process of freedom and self-determination is what gives us an opportunity to realize the dreams in the country, we understand who we are, who we are or what we love," she begins next to the picture. .

Lena Meyer-Landwrit: Instagram's photo shoots Zoff among fans

At first it is of no interest to his fans. The disciple is different in detail: his face. The user writes: "Help, what happened to her face? Botox? Sprayed lips ??? «. It does not have a good effect on other fans. "No, it was just a shocking blow," the user was ironically protesting. – Your question is unnecessary and simple.

Another user is asking if Lena Meyer-Lendrupt is pregnant. When he looks at his well-tinted stomach, he does not recognize it. On the other hand, he takes great pride in his charity campaign.

Lena Meyer-Landward is a new photograph – her leg can hold her eyes

Updates for October 4, 2018:

Again, a sweater! But Lena Meyer-Landrut Instagram is not the only thing that draws a picture. Her legs are hardly covered, show them their eyes! "You have such beautiful legs," says the user. On the photo, even the singer looks like no pants. It's just like the World Cup once.

Even the bottom of the belt is: "Raise your hands!" He says. Others are friendly. Also called "Wow beautiful" and "As always as lovely".

Whoever falls on the right or the mucus, but even sees all the clothes in the back: Lena's eye-catching pulse combines with short trousers.

Lena Meyer Landourt rests in Paris

Upgrade from October 1, 2018:

Lena Meyer Landourt loves to spend his holidays in Instagram with fans. In addition, during a trip to France. In fact he moved to Paris. More precisely, Sakre-Couure de Montmartre from Vasilea, built in the Roman Catholic pilgrimage church of Neo-Byzantine style.

Anyone who expects one of the simplest pictures will be pleased. Although Lena is rarely seen in a long dress, the singer knows what she is in the church.

Lena Meyer Landourt: There is an urgent need in Instagram

On the contrary, this is an explanation of the image that holds the eye. The teacher tells about the tragedy and asks Lena for help: "Hello, my friend has a 9 year old leukemia. Unfortunately, since May, chemicals have been unsuccessful and we are looking for emergency stem cell donors. Since this is a long way away, we ask you to share your link and a generic donation page with a charity! It's a quick and easy way of testing – sticks – donate! Thank you very much! #helftkai «

Lena-Meyer Landrut was first of all not satisfied with the demand. If you can help Kai in any case, you can read ONE.

Lena Meyer Landourt is a mystery with new pictures – fans are suspicious

Update from September 29, 2018:

Lena Meyer-Landwright published two new Instagram photos on Friday. Surprise: it has relatively high tariffs. Pale red onions top. In the second picture (when you click the arrow on your phone or desktop), at least a short skirt and amazing boots.

But Lena wants to give her direction. "I do not care who she is," she says, calling her fans. There are several sweet emotions. In this regard, it is clear to whom his love for love is: his young man Max.

In addition to many brands, the fans wonder, "Do you think Max?", "Sooooo beautiful" or "Oh, my God, where would this sweater come from?"

And for his followers, the answer to the question "Who am I?" Answers that person as "I".

Update from September 28, 2018: Lena Meyer Landourt struggling against ultraviolet

Lena Meyer-Landrut's latest Instagram photo is for collaboration with a cosmetic manufacturer. The singer wrote down the street post and wrote "hanging in Paris" – a picture taken in the French capital.

It's worth noting how short Lena was. She often dresses without food. But most of its thin environment is rarely shown.

For some, this belt is a bit thinner. "Having something to eat, you have a model function, think about it," someone says.

Another man hit Lena: "Are you jealous of your heroes? Who do you think you think Lena is good or bad? Lena, you look good and feel good. Please be careful! «

There are two camps under the picture, often seen in the Instagram profile. All the promotional images …

Update from September 24, 2018:

Lena Meyer-Landrut's Instagram fans have recently taken on the value of money. Almost everyday, the singer is self-aware and writes his pictures on a social media channel that he likes to use to feed his followers. Two weeks ago, the winner of the last ESC in Germany allowed their followers to take part in festive events in Greece – of course, bikini photographs, and, at the same time, 27-year-olds when they return home.

Meyer-Landwut has appeared in his last position as lucrative in the camera lens, and commented on the commentary, "I am much happier as I am looking at this picture." However, many viewers are focused on their faces, as the singer's bottom shows a sophisticated look. The black jacket is wearing loose, tinted clothes that hang on her shoulders, allowing her body to look good.

In any case, applicants are welcome. "Beautiful! What kind of face can not be said, "the user writes. "Very cool … you're like wine …" he warns. In the story of Insta, a 27-year-old girl is also interested in this funny dress. There you can see them in a ridiculous look because they are good for the song "Starst" for two acoustic guitar sounds. The jacket even gave it to her.

Upgrade from September 21, 2018: Lena Meyer Landrow in Wow dress

Lena Meyer Landourt posted a new photo – she has had many impressions. First, it looks very mature. "You look like Victoria Beckham here," says one user. Include a thoughtful approach based on his text.

And: Anyone who looks at Lena Meyer-Lendru but does not look invisible can think of something as a shirt … but it's up to the imagination of every man.

From September 20, 2018: Lena Meyer Landourt in Wow dress

Lena Meyer-Landrut was invited to Dreamball 2018 as a guest. Since 2006, the annual charity gala will be held in Berlin. The motto of this year's Dreamball slogan, organized by DKMS Life, was "Brave, Bright, Beautiful".

In the gala Lena in the evening also went on the stage and set a great performance. He also performed the ESC singer's song "Satellite".

Instagram did not want to shoot his late dresses. For photograph, he sent his followers and all those who were fighting against cancer: "Last night was special, thank you for holding me in a dumbbell. Love for all powerful and beautiful people who fight cancer. "

Many of his admirers were happy to wear clothes. "The carpet looks amazing," the user wrote. Someone else liked the backbone: "It's a great back." But not all of them were encouraged, especially in the case of the bag: "Po is going to make ridiculous wrinkles and blows. «

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Update: Oops! What happened here in Lena Meyer Landwood?

Лена Мейер-Ландрут Грекияның Миконос аралында біраз үзіліс жасады. 27 жастағы лосьондар күнделікті бассейнде қолайлы, Instagram аккаунтында суреттермен керемет дәлелденген. Сондай-ақ, әнші өзінің демалысына өте жақын түсінік береді. Лена Мейер-Ландрут постқа өте ерекше сәтте, яғни таңертеңнен бастап көрінеді. Шамасы, сәл ұйқысыз тұрып, макияжсыз безендірілген халатта оралған. Оның шашы әншінің сүлгі жапқышы астында жасырынған.

Лена Мейер-Ландрут деген немен айналысады?

«Таңертең», – деп жазады Лена Мейер-Лендрут және күн-эмодзиді нүкте ретінде белгілейді. Сонда мағыналы хештаг #kriegdieaugennichtnichtauf.

Суреттің төменгі жағында жалаңаш тізе көрінеді. 27 жастағы баланың қолын қолмен ұстап тұрды. Камераны сол жақ иықтан сырғитын, алайда ол камераға қарап отырады. Лена Мейер-Ландрут терми астында жалаңаш болған шығар. Қалай болғанда да, бикини үстіне немесе сырт киіміне ештеңе жоқ. Сәйкестік немесе ниет? Бірнеше дюйм көп, және ешкім өз таңертеңгілік таңертеңгі көзқарастарын таңбалау керек еді.

Мұнда * -да көресіз: Hot Bikini Shot – демалуға Лена Мейер-Ландрут құттықтау

Жаңарту: Лена теңіздегі фотосуретті ыстық етеді

Бейсенбі күні кешке Лена Мейер-Лендрут қойылды. Сондай-ақ, ол кешкі асқа және сырға сырғанап шығуға дайын болғанын көрсетті.

«Сіз күн сайын сұлу боласыз», – жанкүйер тез арада қуанады. «Бұл сіз қалай тамақтануға барасыз?», Басқа бір адам қатаң киіммен айналысады

Фотосурет пайда болды! Lena Meyer-Landrut бетінде толық өзгерді, мысалы *.

Лена Мейер-Ландрут Instagram-дегі ыстық фотоын шығарады – жанкүйерлер оны басқа жұлдызмен шатастырады

Миконос – Германияда жаздың соңында баяу, бірақ сөзсіз соңына дейін жақындап келе жатқанда, әнші Лена Мейер-Лендрут қазіргі кезде көп нәрсе алмайды. Қараша айында жаңа студиялық альбомын шығаратын 27 жасар қазіргі уақытта әдемі Грекияның Миконос аралында күн шуағына шықты, және, әрине, оның жанкүйерлері де назардан тыс қалмайды.

Толығырақ # Лена: Уа! Лена Мейер-Ландрут Bikini аймағынан мерекелік құттықтау жолдады, деп хабарлайды *.

«Фрюхтчен» Лена жанкүйерлерді мерекеден қуантады

Instagram-да өзінің ізбасарларына өздерінің қызығушылығын түсіндіріп, басын білу үшін белгілі болған Meyer-Landrut сәрсенбіде өз уақытынан бастап бассейн суретін жариялады, ол тек стильді лимонмен шомылған костюмнен алды Әнші бейсенбіде грек архипелагынан ыстық және жемісті сәлемдесулерді жіберді. Бұл жолы лимонның айналасында тағы бір жеміс бар еді.

«Шабдалы» – бұл шабдалы және «ғажайып» дегенді білдіреді – 27 жастағы ол өзінің смартфонының линзасына көрінеді, ал қақпағы тұр. Сонымен қатар, Лена грек күнінен, тәнінен қорғалған, оған жақсы көрініс беретін қара, бөренелерді киеді. Сондай-ақ, оның ізбасарларына, әншіге: «Қайырлы таң, бүгінгі күні жақсы дос болуға тырысып, жақсы күнін өткізіңдер. Өзіңізді жақсы көріңіз және өзіңізді жақсы көріңіз. «

Бейне: Лена оның созылу белгілерін көрсетеді

Лена тағы бір супер-жұлдыздың жанкүйерлерін еске түсіреді: «Міне, сіз ұқсас …»

Сүюшілер, өз жанкүйерлеріне ұнайтын сияқты. «Неге сіз әрдайым дәл сәйкес келеді? Рахмет сізге Лени, – деп жазады Instagram-дегі пайдаланушы. «Бірінші күннен бастап шабыт», әншінің тағы бір жанкүйерін мадақтайды. Бірақ 27 жастағы балалардың пікірлері көп пікірталастардан тұрады, өйткені көптеген ізбасарлары басқа Лена бейнесін басқа поп-жұлдызға есінде сақтайды.

«Міне, сіз Виктория Бекхамға ұқсайсыз», түсініктемелер бағанында оқи аласыз. «Сіз Виктория Бекхамға ұқсас суретпен таныссыз. Өзіңді жақсы немесе жаман деп шеше аласың », – деп жазды тағы бір қолданушы. Неміс ESC жеңімпазы ағылшын «Spice Girl» және бұрынғы футбол жұлдызы Дэвид Бекхамның әйелі басқа жанкүйерлерді еске түсіреді. 27 жастағы американдық британдық доппелганға қарағанда күлімсіреген суреттегідей үміт жоқ.

Spice-girl және ойыншы-әйелі Виктория Бекхэм.

© dpa / Guillaume Horcajuelo

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Лена Мейер-Лендруттың жанкүйерлері бүгін түнде түтікке қарайды – фондар жұмбақ қалады

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* жалпыұлттық Ippen Digital редакциялық желісінің бөлігі болып табылады.

Сондай-ақ қызықты: Белгілі аққұбалар кім: Мэйт Келли. Оның сүйіспеншілік өмірінде шынымен жақсы нәрсе бар. Алғашқы оның жаңа нұсқасы.

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