Wednesday , May 25 2022

"Man Seeks Eve": The bad humor of a flirty gives a glimpse of Gina Lizah


Gina-Lisa Lohfink likes to be in love with the steamship "Queen Atlantis" currently visible. Naturo's Antoninoy did not come to the flirtation movie "Man looking for man" but the replacement was quick.

He was calling for him all day long and he approached. Even if Marina breaks two days later, both are similar to one wavelength.

Gina-Liza Lohfink's Shock: Should He Leave a "Man's House" Boat?

But now, Antonino and Martin chose to send Hwa from the ship. Gina-Lisa and Nackedei colleague can be found in Makhta.

For ladies, this is not the time to play, given the stressful situation. But Martin and Antonina remember this.

Adams announces the release of Gina Liza. "We love you, but you are not very hyperactive. That's why Gina, unfortunately, has decided to leave the boat, "Martin said.

There are tears of tears

The long haul of "Waaaaas" escapes with the blush, which has surprised by the decision. The competitor of the fabric can not believe it.

When she parted with Hiba, she cried her eyes. Time to solve all the children. It was just fun! Hey, Gina Lisa, laugh again!

But at the same time, for Mahtah, the term "Korolev Atlantis" has come to an end. "You did not do that at the time," Martin said, explaining to two men.

Gina Liza Lohfink: "It really hurt me!"

Matha is foolish at his own expense, and leaves her companions.

"That's what I did. I spent a lot of time here. We have seen a lot. It was a great experience, "he concluded.

Gina-Lisa, however, slows down between relief and injury. "It hurts me badly! I think I did not love it, I do not do everything right, "she says.

If you have a bad joke with Martin forever, you will see RTL at 23:20 tonight.


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