Tuesday , January 31 2023

Police are defending Kylie Minogue in Cologne


Cologne (DPA) – Thanks to security, police and police have made a concert in Cologne, pop singer Kaili Minogue.

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"The organizer approached us about the potential threat scenario from the assessment of social media platforms," ​​a German police spokesman said. "We do not do that." Previously, Bild reported.

Upon entering the evening on Tuesday evening, about 20 officials supported security and discipline services. According to police, the Austrian pop singer's concert was "completely problematic".

According to police, this was a potential violation of Belgium. Pictures of this man taken from the Internet were found in the Paladidi hall of Cologne-Mulheim. All men were under the control of visitors. The Belgian authorities may have sought to investigate, the police spokesperson explained.

On Monday evening, Minogue ("Your disco is needed") was in Berlin. On Saturday in Germany (24.11.) – a concert of 50 year old children will be held in Hamburg.

On Wednesday and Thursday in Copenhagen and Amsterdam the show of the "Golden" tour was announced.

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