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Punishment for "Idiot" Okon against the foolishness


After capturing Brazil, Max Verstappene emotions: "I do not find her in a pawn anymore, otherwise …" Red Bull's driver, Esteban Okon, said via radio (Formula 1 is on the ticker of 2018), However, with Ocon, it was censored in the global direction with a prolonged acoustic signal. But Verstab really did compete with Ocon – and it was loud!

He reinforced the Dutch Force India pilot in the FIA ​​garage, and was surprised and decided to talk to Verstab. "We had a great car, and then you run out of such anxiety, and I have no words," says Verstapen.

Red Bull could have won the second time in Sao Paulo. Lewis Hamilton won the lead in the second round under the command of Oakcon team. Helmut Marco is a motosport advisor who is especially motivated to prove his passion.

Marco: The Mercedes driver helps Mercedes

"The Mercedes-Benz contract is a great way to get out of the way," says the Austrian. Background: Ocon has been a small teenager for many years and is taking care of Toto Wolff, the director of their motorcycle. "So I do not want to comment, I've never seen anything like that," says Marco, adding 10 seconds for Ocon to be frustrated and frustrating.

The verstaben has lost 50 points from the crash and has not been dangerous for Hamilton at the last stage. "It was a fake drive like that, and it's a pity, and I do not understand it," continued Marco.

In any case, Marco and Ocon did not look for the interview: "Pah! I do not talk to idiots! "Said Marco, only a few weeks ago, Oakon saw Toro Ross as a potential candidate, but for a long time the French did not nominate Toro Rosso.

Brazil 2001: Father Jose looks like that!

The Red Bull consultant did not need it all: "If you're behind you, it can be absolutely foolish that leadership can not be involved in the fight," he says. In fact, a loudspeaker should not be a hindrance to the struggle of leaders, but in fact it is allowed to attack his leader. At the command of Okon, he did it because he was wearing a soft supersport.

Thanks to the Brazilian skull, Verstappena was not ironic. In 2001, a similar incident took place: at the time Williams driver was a sovereign of Juan Pablo Montoya, he drove another pilot and offered it back to Montoyaas. Certainly, this father made his mistake, of course, by his father, Max Vertappen.

Now, in his sense, his son was allowed to pay late. Okon does not consider himself guilty: "We were together – I do not insist on air," he says. There are even some stories in both fights: Verstaben and Oak have repeatedly entered his career on their way.

Okon Reaction: "No Professionals"

Common Formula 3 Once again, the title with Vertap was the same in the first corner of the Red Bull Ring, when Ocon was at the beginning – just like in Brazil, fighting for a place after the start. And even from the stories of Carthage it is said that Verstappen Ocon was a hit.

The Force India pilot is not surprising when it comes to the traffic incident, as Verstab has always been a harsh dog. But at the end of the race, he had some hope. "He attacked the scales, and FIA had to stop it, so he did not fall, he pushed me and made me a rifle. It's not a profession, "he said.

The two drivers were later attacked by a racist director who saw the violation of Article 12.1.1.c of the FIA ​​Code of Conduct, and brought the two drivers to themselves. The article deals with "the curiosity of competition or the self-interest of the motorport." It may not be possible to see the manuscript.

Hörner: Okon was well off with Schubser

Timo Glocka: "It's not a good thing," says Timo Glole, but even in Red Bull, they even rash: "I think Maxim is still to be protected and honest." – Horner. "This was his victory for the Grand Prix, and he was denied to go to Esteban," said Verstaben, a British observer.

"He lost his mistake and had a great team and team, we all did it right, Mercedes had ropes, we won Ferraris, and he lost the incredible hope of winning back," Horner said.

By Vertapping: First Penalty, and then Shexhend

And does Max Verstab really talk about Ocon's character? "I have nothing to say, just like it," said the official press conference. Later, Steward has been fined: a Dutch employee must provide FIA ​​with two-day public service.

There were several reasons why Red Bull's driver did not get worse: first, two drivers acted appropriately while listening and cooperated with the commissioners. The governors also realized that Verstava was angry and did not attack Okon. She had a headache.

However, after a while, there was little disagreement between the two conflicts: when they heard from the governing body, there was a ghostly ghost!

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