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Sleepy Dick? The study reaches a terrible result


Sleep-related, for example, watching TV is harmful. This is known. Nowadays, women are being investigated Can artificial light during sleep cause genuine weight gain?

Obesity by sleeping in artificial light

Researchers in the triangular park in North Carolina now have their own magazine JAMA Internal Diseases The study of women revealed that artificial light can cause you to become fat at night, and even lead to obesity ("obesity").

Obesity is often the cause of chronic illness

According to the World Health Organization, about 23 percent of women are obese. Overweight and obesity are key factors for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and malignant neoplasms. American researchers see the causes of obesity as a lack of malnutrition and exercise: "One night artificial light (ALAN – dark artificial light) can affect the pandemic of obesity. "

Investigative years with remarkable results: ALAN can make you greedy!

For five years, scientists from the National Institute of Health have studied about 44,000 women between the ages of 35 and 74. Over the past two years, they have been evaluating data: Studies have shown that while women are asleep, television and artificial light are associated with increased risk of obesity and obesity.

The weight will increase by five kilograms

Compared to the participants in the darker rooms, sleeping with ALAN was accepted five kilograms weight and up to ten percent of BMI. The study of past animals has also shown that night exposure can have a negative impact on day and night rhythms.

Day-night rhythm disorder

During the study, substances called so-called "hourly genes" were suppressed by a constant luminosity and destroyed a "circular 24-hour rhythm". As a result, rodents have also changed the feeding routine – the result has resulted in an increase in weight.

Conclusions: Stress hormones and more nutrition

From the environment such as street light and neon signs, ALAN has led to the "melatonin" of sleep hormone. For example, hormone glucocorticoids have been released for this purpose.

"Shorter sleep also adds sleepy time to sleep, it can take a long time for meals or energy to grow," says Dalee P.. Sand

Obesity and obesity prevent darkness

In order to prevent overweight and obesity women should have a healthy lifestyle as well as a vitamin-rich diet and be physically active. These components may cause a low level of stress.

TVs and candles, as well as smartphones should be shown before sleep. As quiet as possible, sleeping is a good condition for the next day to get better and fit in the dark room.

Why not sleep on the right?

Not only duration of sleep, but also sleepiness is important for a healthy lifestyle. Now this is proved by experts. Therefore, it is necessary to stay on the left side of the body: healthy through proper sleep.

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