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That's why your name is on autopilot


Are you sure you want to allow automatic redesigned position on Red Dead Redemption 2? No problem! The autopilot is easy to operate, and the horse finds its way.

Most of the gameplay on Red Dead Redemption 2 takes your name from one point to the next. But those who want, can not control the horse, but can sit there and enjoy the environment.

Horses for automatic running: Together with the cinematic camera, you enable the Gauls automatic startup setting. Here we show you how easy it is to run a function.

Horses on RDR 2 automatically run

At the same time, environmental monitoring and controlling its name can be difficult in the long run. Finally, there are beautiful animals and detailed landscapes along the way. After all, you can accidentally dump before or after the accident.

Travel to Red Dead Redemption 2, and you can relax if you control your own name. All this is to pay attention to what happened. Your attention will be needed when the angels appear.

Red Death Rescue 2 Nov

Then the horse cries? After the finish line, the horse runs along the roads and roads, but not the intersection.

Have not you lost a good name yet? The best wild horse in RDR 2 is easy to keep.

How to add an autopilot:

  • First select a destination from the map marked with the orientation marker. For example, the set of Vikings in RDR 2
    • Then you will see a red line on the map. Your name will follow that path
  • Now start the horse's normal operation and adjust how fast horse's work (Xbox) or X (PS4)
  • After you reach the cruise speed, hold the A or X key. It's like jumping like you are jumping
  • Hold the camera perspective button while holding A or X
    • In the bottom right corner, you will see that this movie is activated by the camera
  • Once activated, your name will go in that direction – you do not have to do anything, you can release both buttons

Red Dead Redemption 2 markTax autopilot: If the horse runs along the track, you can continue with speed A or X, and you can block RB (Xbox) or R1 (in PS4). By pressing the right analog mat, you change the angle of the cinema chamber.

Disable autopilot: Use the analog stick to restore horse control. To exit the cinematic camera, press the camera again.

Disadvantages of RDR autopilot 2

Due to the different camera angles, events can happen later or soon, and then you can prepare them.

You will also be surprised by those who are waiting for you and have little time to prepare for the attack.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Drive

Keep in your hands when traveling with an autopilot.

One more way to travel on RDR 2 is to make a quick trip. So you open them.

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