Wednesday , March 29 2023

The researchers are amazed at the lack of vodka


Intrusive bees can irritate the beer garden or street café. Insects are particularly popular in 2018, and this year there is little confusion. Will it change soon?

The lion's share in many regions of Germany is not as high as last year. Many human trafficking controls can not be ignored by relatively low income, according to the request of the International Federation for Conservation of Nature (FPWC), biologist Melanie von Orro of the Biotechnology Working Group. Tips like mare nests and demand for resettlement were considerably lower than last year.

However, the specialist does not see the cause of the anxiety of the insect. There are people who have not posted any issues yet. However, this figure can not be compared to 2018: in 2019, the team made about half of the hives, bubbles, wild bees and bees, as it was in the same period last year: "2018 it was huge."

The situation may change soon

Despite the current situation, Orlov believes that barleys may be more visible in the coming weeks: "I think there is something else." There is still the best time for barley. "From mid-August to mid-September, it's intrusive and irritating."

Whether it's good or bad, or not, it's partly due to the weather in the spring, "Orlo explained. Until the middle of June, it is possible to get rid of nests and insects in the cold months.

However, this situation in Berlin this year would not be overwhelming – though there are not too many bees. "Of course, we can presume that there are diseases that kill animals and they just do not know," said the biologist. Is it possible that the disease-causing agent can cause illness, illness, or virtually unexamined?

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