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NRW's Minister of Economy Andreas Pinkwarte (FDP) described the cartel's decision to merge Karlstad and Qafhoff as "good news": "The merger is to ensure the future viability of the universal stores: they can increase their competitiveness and attractiveness." Minister. He takes into account the employees' concern in the company's decisions: "We will focus on this issue in the near future and we will be closely involved with all those involved," Pinkwart said.

Under the Bundeskartellamt study, it deals with about 100 trading companies and traders, including Germany's largest online shopping and brick retail business. Cargo categories (suitcases / bags), washing, sports / outdoor, gaming / toys, home textile, office and office supplies were considered in more detail. Kaufhof and Karstadt are the strongest in this category, and the office justifies its selection. According to the research, the merger did not raise any competition platforms that justified the prohibition of the project.

The merger is expected to take place later this month – and for the Christmas business. Karstadt Dam Signa acquires 50.01%, HBC 49.99% in its new joint venture. The head of the new Warenhaus AG, Carstädt, has taken over and is still taking control of a well-known trade expert, Stefan Fandler. A new store giant with a turnover of five billion euros followed by Spain's El Corte Inglés chain, the second in Europe. The new company employs 32,000 people in 243 European countries.

Acquisition potential allows Kaufhof and Karstadt to negotiate better with suppliers before. At the same time, according to industry experts, savings in administration, data processing and logistics can be saved. The decision to have a future corporate headquarters in Cologne (Kaufhof) or Essen (Karstadt) has not been decided yet.

It is also unclear how many jobs are lost in the new company. Renee Benco, one of the billionaire billionaire Austrian billionaires, in 2014, bought one card for one euro, threatening to keep about 5,000 jobs "irresponsible".

Many cities still have instability. The protection of protective coatings and damage to the internal cities. However, immediately after the shooting, the closing wave is expected. Experts estimate that costs are likely to be very high due to leakage over a decade.

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