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These sweets are a health hazard


Damage to potential health: Aldi Candy remembers

Aldi Nord sold discount for potentially harmful diet for certain allergic people. This is a "creamy-nutshell pile" from the article "BelRoyal nugget tree trunk, 100 g". The food can now be memorized.

Consumption can lead to an allergic reaction

The discounter announced a candy reminder on Aldi Nord's website. Accordingly, the supplier of "Schluckwerder OHG" is 31.05.2019. And according to the lot number L0033, the "BelRoyal nugget tree pitch, 100 g" is considered to be "cream-ngga wooden sparrow". According to the information, the packaging does not indicate that marzipan has a variety. "Consumption of people with badger allergies can lead to an allergic reaction," a statement reads.

The Aldi Nord supplier, Schluckwerder OHG, also calls certain people "100 grams of BelRoyal nuggat wooden" (Photo: Samo Trebizan / fotolia.com), which can lead to consumption of allergic reactions in some people.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

According to health experts, allergies to almonds are relatively rare in comparison to nutrient allergy, but may have similar symptoms.

"The main symptoms of almond allergy are in the mouth and nutrition and discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract," explained the website of the professional association of pulmonologists in North Rhine-Westphalia.

People who do not have any almond allergies, according to Aldi Nord, can use the affected item in an accidental manner.

This article was dropped off

According to the information, drug-related products have been withdrawn.

Customers who purchase the product can return them to their stores to repurchase their purchase price.

This product is only available for Aldi's Bargteheide, Beucha, Datteln, Grossbeeren, Herten, Hesel, Jarmen, Lingen, Meitzendorf, Mittenwalde, Hann. Münden, Radvormwald, Salzgitter, Sevetal, Seffold, Weimar and Wilfried. (Name)

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