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Tragic Legs: Helps Seamless Leg Syndrome


Not only RLS but also other illnesses, for example, causes symptoms that can cause motion and unpleasant feelings of the legs, which are often useful in the following studies:

  • Blood and urine testing (level of iron, renal and thyroid gland, vitamin B12 and folic acid determination)
  • electrical analyzes of nerves and muscles
  • Study of sleep sleep laboratory

What helps with RLS?

If the syndrome results from disease or disease, it is sometimes enough to treat it. In the event of iron deficiency, the victim will receive iron as a preparation or as an infusion.

Some medicines increase the syndrome of tranquil legs. Instead of a physician, consult a physician – drug replacement.

Treatment with drugs

Without symptoms, symptoms can be cured in the syndrome of restlessness. It is impossible to treat the syndrome itself.

Many other beneficiaries benefit from other ingredients that are used in other doses of Parkinson's disease, such as: Dopamine preparations. Like the dopamine's individual drug, these drugs are responsible for the interaction of nerve cells.

What can you do to simplify the symptoms?

Everyone is different, so each victim must try to do whatever he can to help them. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as panacea.

Complaints for lightweight breathing can be alleviated by simple measures, such as:

  • regular body exercises are healthy and can have a positive effect on calm legs such as swimming, gymnastics, exercise bikes
  • a balanced diet with iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid

Vitamin B12 is found in animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy and dairy products. Folic acid foods such as spinach, calais, broccoli, pea, peanut, oats. Foodstuffs, such as liver, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, beans, and linen are the suppliers of iron.

  • Changing shower and / or foot baths
  • packed in cold or cold calves
  • Massage your feet
  • A few hours before sleep, avoid sleeping, strong physical activity, nicotine, alcohol, coffee, black tea, cola, energy drinks
  • Avoid inflammation that can interfere with night-time sleep
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