Friday , October 22 2021

Ulie Hoans delivers accurate words to the specialists of "Munich Munich"


A few days after announcing a change in the summer of 2019, the President of Bavaria, Uly Hohenes, made another warning to the record-breaking champions.

"They need to tell you the players will be putting pressure on the next three to four months depending on how the game is played," says Hohenes Kicker,

On Sunday he was himself sky During the summer transfer period, "the face of the group will change slightly".

The budget is the oldest team in the League

Older players, especially contracted by Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben, are again in a special competition. At present, the leader of the German industry is an average of 27.4 years old, the oldest team in Bundesliga. The average age of the league is 25.4 years, while Borussia Dortmund's opponent is 24.8 years old. The youngest team in the league is Leipzig RB 23.7 years.

Hohene publishes harsh analysis

No one should be convinced of his role. According to Hohenes, in the spring, they will be analyzing who will "use and who does not."

In the international selection, the defending champion was the fifth in Bundesliga after a bankruptcy in Dortmund, with BVB up to 7 points. With the arrival of Canadian Alphonso Davies (17), January brings recorders to one more alternative to the wing wing.

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