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Viruses in bills – Berlin's chief physician Mark Bluing: "Normal three or four quarters a year"


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Cough, nose, trauma: After the end of the summer, half of the city is torn. Mark Bloughing, head of the Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch's ENER Clinic, explains why, and what can all be done in the fight against cold?

Why is there so much cold water in the autumn?

Due to the fact that the body can not swiftly move from warm to cold weather, the temperature drops the immune system. But many still dress up. This will cause a cold blow and let the body cool down. Cold viruses are easy to play. Take the risk of infection. Anyone who is cold will switch to others and cold waves will start.

Chief Medical Officer of ENT, Mark Blooding.

Chief Medical Officer of ENT, Mark Blooding.

Some people often suffer from cold feet. How cold will they be faster?

Random cold feet are not cold. But who really suffers, it is easy. It cools the skin, agrees with the blood vessels. Through the autonomic nervous system, this stimulus reaches the mucous membranes from the nepoparine to the legs. Here, blood vessels also contract and turn down. As a result, the immune cells fall into the mucous membrane. Cold viruses make it easy to stay here.

Why is my weakness and fatigue when it's cold?

The body concentrates its forces on the immune system to effectively fight against viruses. Therefore forces are not elsewhere. In addition, it is an infection caused by cold viruses for inflammatory and protective reactions in all connective tissues of the body tissues. Not only are you weak and tired, but also muscle and joint may cause colds and fever.

Do you have to get sick if you are really ill and do not have fever?

Each patient solves itself, in soft viral cold you do not have to go to bed, and you can work quietly on your desk without any physical stress. However, if you feel weak, you have to stay in bed in order to avoid complications in your heart. Our body is the best indicator for it. If he needs rest, he will listen to us. It also depends on the height of the malaria.

Where should I go when the doctor is cold?

For severe symptoms and for more than two days, go to the doctor. It is also wise to go to a doctor if you have a bronchial or cerebral disease or susceptibility to a cough. Here is the threat of infection with additional infections caused by viral infections, lungs, sinus or middle ear infections. The physician knows the danger and in some cases prescribes antibiotics.

Why are some people cold several times a year, and others do not just get one, but some of them become cold?

Normally three or four quarters a year, and twice as much in children. However, people who are avid of the crowd, and those who suffer from others, of course, are less often. Another great weakness is our immune system. People with a strong immune system are at risk.

How long can a cold virus survive?

It depends on the type of virus. Up to two weeks in bills, telephones or door tanks. Temperature also plays an important role. The longer the cold and the temperature drop, the longer it takes. On the contrary, in the skin and in our hands, usually about 34 degrees Celsius, viruses survive for only a short time.

Are you always guilty of the same viruses, if you get a cold some times a year?

Always have other viruses. We know about 200 cold viruses. Many of them cause similar symptoms of the disease. They always change their structure and the nature of their surface. Therefore, there is no vaccine or any drug that directly affects cold viruses.

Is it cold to avoid flu vaccine?

No, he does not mind cold, but actually helps against influenza virus.

Why is it cold, usually seven days?

The immune system has time to develop antiviral antibodies and successfully fight them.

What can be done to reduce the cold, maybe only three or five days may be needed?

Physical protection is very important. So do not do any serious action, do sports, go to a simulator or a sauna. Now the body needs strength to fight the virus. Drink plenty of time and keep the body warm. Heat increases blood circulation and increases body defenses.

What medicines are beneficial for faster improvement?

Bacterial preparations and nasal drops or sprays are particularly important in the daytime, especially at night. They prevent damage to the secretions and release sinuses and ears. At night, you can breathe through the nose. It irritates the respiratory mucosa from the mouth and irritates it. It can be easily used for more than two weeks.

Does this help you to eat more fruit?

Well-balanced diet can have a positive effect on the immune system. This includes daily fresh fruit. It contains vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as zinc.

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