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VW share: Volkswagen carries on full electric cars – 09.11.18


In the midst of the biggest crisis in its history, Volkswagen Group has become a carmaker. According to the company's headquarters, next week, on November 16, the Supervisory Board plans to release the CEO, Herbert Diest, for the next few years to release three batteries.

A small ship carrying Passport's mid-range vehicle moves from Emden to the Skoda plant in the Czech Republic. This VW factory in East Fri will have to be set up to build a wide range of electronic machines in the area of ​​9,000 employees. It is also necessary to restore the VW carrier plant in Hannover. In Zwickau, Saxony, such preparations are under way. "With this strategy, we want to find a job in a country where we are highly esteemed," said the top manager.

The world's largest machine-maker is under pressure and is now under attack because of the diesel crisis and its associated climatic problems. "We just do not want to obey the laws, we want to be outside," insider says. The purpose of the Climate Agreement in Paris. Related investments for the Group, the Group comes through billions of dollars in several brands. "We have to do it ourselves". By the end of 2022, electricity, motor vehicle maintenance, digitalization and new mobility services increased by 34 billion USD. The decision to invest in the euro is unlikely to significantly increase.

Lower Saxony is negotiating with several insiders in partnership with SK Innovation, a Korean battery maker manufacturer, to maintain the power needed to increase the number of electric wagons. The goal is to build a battery-maker plant in Europe, which is mentioned in corporate circles. In Germany, it is currently economically impossible without massive political support. "Politics and business should shape the future together," said the top manager. According to insiders of one company, it is independent of the plans of the Federal Minister of Finance Peter Altmeyer (CDU) and promised that it would fund the industrial consortium for the production of accumulator batteries. It is expected that Altymayer will deliver a speech at the convention on electric mobility in Berlin next week.

E-CAR at 20,000 EURO

At Volkswagen's Emden Plant, it plans to have a more affordable electric model with a capacity of 200,000 units per year. The internal "MeV entry" vehicle must be no less than 20,000 euros. In addition, Passat I.D. It emits more than 10000 Aero Networks, with Emden coming to around 300,000 vehicles.

In Hannover, the follower of electrical Bulli IV Buzz will be built with over 100,000 units. The carrier T6 line up the line in the next few years, including electric cars, including Lounge SUV and I.D. must obtain appropriate insiders. Cargo. For this purpose, part of the transportation will be delivered to the Ford Partner, the future partner in Turkey. According to insiders, the second largest US carmaker is negotiating a wider union of autonomous cars and batteries running on the city.

Zwickau plant has become a European network that is designed to produce electric cars. Beginning at the end of 2019, the compact I.D. Make Neo, VW boasts the first "CO2-neutral vehicle". I.D. The cross must be implemented after 2020. He was stopped at Passat's Zwickau building for a summer vacation. The golf and golf version still goes off the production line and gradually goes to the parents factory in Wolfsburg.

Pasatas is preparing for the future at the Skoda factory in the Czech Republic, where Superb is already preparing. Both models share the same platform. For this purpose, Seat and Karec Motor Ateca cars from Kwasi will be replaced by a new plant for the 350,000 Volkswagen in Eastern Europe. Location is still in search.


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