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"Werder Bremen" played against the season "Fortuna Dusseldorf"!


What a surprise that is the beginning of the season! Two days after Werder Bremen officially made their debut for the European season, Bundesliga defeated Dusseldorf 1-1 with the first major defeat in the first match of the season.

The goals scored by Bremen – Rwen Hanks (36), Kenan Karaman (52) and Khan Ayhan (64) were the winners. for Werder Bremenplaymaker, defender, but despite being signed, Omer Toprak has been very vulnerable, he just met Johannes Eggstein for intermediate 1: 1 (47).

As expected, the first six-day meeting of the top secretary took place in Bremen. Johannes Eggstaine has also purchased Josh Sargent and Nicklas Falklough, worth € 6.5 million.

Bremen has been awarded two fantasy medals. It's June 56 national league – No other club can think of it anymore. Second to 1.867. The Bundesliga game is also a record, Werder Bremen now Hamburg has left behind SV. Despite the numbers, the team missed it to win more medals than himself. The Art of Transparent Possibilities and Targets. To keep your gate clean. In the most unimportant areas of football, Bremen started with the pitch new season furious.

Verder Bremen beat Ruhen Henninging with a score of 0: 1

Bremen's start was impressive in terms of pressure and play, but Johannnes Eggstein's goal was unmatched (12). The top of the toprack has also missed the Fortuna Box (18.) several minutes away Maximilian Eggstein (4).

Half an hour later he could Milos Rashica SV Werder forward. However, Kosovo was put on by Fortuna defender Matthias Zimmermann and Oscoda, the goalkeeper of Fortuna. Zack is Stephen stopped.

Düsseldorf has been in a state of defensive protection since the restructuring of one of the candidates for the release of the new season. Penalties? No. Up to 36 minutes, up to 0: 1 Rowan Hansings, He had fallen from somewhere and began his preaching in Nuri Shahin, which was not controlled. Karaman took the ball and took a few steps and deceived Bremen's defense with his back pass. Ömer Toprak and Theo Gebrere Celassie runs free, but not Hennings. Acceptance of the ball, dry outcome – Werder Bremen returned suddenly. Out of the blue.

Werder Bremen vs Fortuna Dusseldorf: Fast goals after a break

There was no answer from Bremerne, who had faded a little bit before the intermittent whistle. But then: The whistle again played for 90 seconds, the green and white words are pleasant. Because David Klaassen is dying for Dusseldorf, Rashika and his side. Jojo Eggestain place. The 21-year-old head tended to the corner – another great start. The Yoia Oscano almost finished. After the preparation of the younger generation, the Japanese almost missed the Bremen lead (50th).

It was after 1: 2 instead of 2: 1. Kenan Karaman Dusseldorf scored second goal, Werder Jiri Pavlenka did not look good (52). And then Kaan is Ayhan After a corner of the 64th corner, with a 1: 3 shot, it became evident that all Vasseradio salesmen with 42,000 spectators would be different from the expectations of this season. For Toprak, who is not happy for the first and third goals.

Verder Bremen does not make a shock

But this was a mixed season for all Bremer. See also Davey Claassen and 67 minutes. The Dutchman was hit by a stroke of several feet from the gate at Zack Stefenk.

It happened at that time Nickel pots The new record was replaced by Milot Rashica on the square. Soon he came Claudio Piscaro, then by Josh Sargent. The box can not get more power. However, the gates did not fall. The head of Fulgrug coordinated the long-range impact of Shtofen, Osaka. It prevailed over Werder Bremen keep on confusing, Fortuna Dusseldorf lead and extension. When the shooting shot from the gate leaps back to the field, it turned out that nothing is working here. Getting Started Instead of Playing a Disease – Digestion, it is a real challenge for ambitious SV Werder. (CSA)

Werder Bremen's fans protested against the sale of the stadium in the game against Fortuna Düsseldorf.

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Verder Bremen v Fortuna Dusseldorf: Live for reading

Verder began to play, but then Hennings had to take the score 0: 1. Jojo Eggstein's score was directly opposed by Karaman, after which he met Ajaxan for Fortuna 3-1. By the way, there were several good ways, but the defense at Werder was very weak.

90 + 6:
Zeuer's whistle, Werder Bremen beat Fortuna Dusseldorf 3: 1.

90 + 3: There is still chance for Sargent, but Steffen is in place.

90th minute: The normal playback time is four minutes.

88 Minutes: Filling the pot in Latta! The defendant was charged with physical damage, and then ended with a fence. There were also some failures.

87-min: Verder with five nominal strikers. Nevertheless, the "green" does not reach attractive opportunities.

85 Minutes: Five more minutes plus. Is there anything else for Verder?

82nd: The soil leaves Sargent. Mixed debut for the newcomer.

80 Minutes: Verder is in the riot. Hansing made a decision, but Pavlenka failed.

78th minute: Osaka is trying to get him out of the box. Twelve in this game for Verder.

77th minute: Verder tests it on the right, but Gebr. Celassi does not approach the ball.

75 Minutes: Corner for verder. If you want to hide what you consider here, the link hits would be wrong.

73 minutes: Dusseldorf tries to make it easier and looks for a corner flag.

70 Minutes: The first chance for Fullkrug, but the theme is not there. Also, Pisarro arrives at Friedel. He only plays in Verder.

Fortuna Dusseldorf – Verder Bremen: Aikhan is up to 3: 1, a great opportunity for Klaassen

67 -minutes: At this point, the pitcher for the rashik was filled in court. There is a great opportunity to balance, but Davies are in Klaassenende! Stefen can only move forward, the player of the "Verder" pulls the ball away from the distance, but it does not score. He must be there!

64 Minutes: Tommy 's Corner, Theme Aikhan. 3: 1 for Dusseldorf. Verder here does not make a figure. You will now have a home number to change this item.

64 Minutes: Dusseldorf Goal – 3: 1 Aikhan!

63rd minute: Baker comes in from 20 meters to the end, but Pavlenka is down. Düsseldorf angle.

60 Minutes: Verder pushes, and also opens space for Dusseldorf. Bremen is not really in the duel.

58 Minutes: Moyander begins, there is no problem for the goalkeeper.

57 Minutes: Verder is trying to control the game. Now the "green" gets a penalty from the right.

Verder Bremen v Fortuna Dusseldorf: The goals of both sides

52-Minute: Baker sends a long ball to the box. Tommy will be able to shout at it, and Karaman will score 2: 1 for Dusseldorf. Pavlenka is no longer a blow to the blow.

52-Minute: Goal to Dusseldorf,Karaman is still there.

48 Minutes: Verder is now under pressure, the next opportunity for Osaka. Just finished.

47 Minutes: After the beating of Rashitsa, Jojo Eggstein started to restart the house. Zack Stefen is still in the ball, but does not prevent the shot.

47 minutes: advertisement for "Verder"!

46 Minutes: The second half is over. Verder has no staff changes.

The first half of Wesstadion ended, with a goal of Rwen Hennings with a score of 1: 0. Verder began to feel self-confident, playing angular balls and drew into the Dusseldorf gate. Jojo Eggstein made a hit, but in offside.

Then 36 minutes: Verder does not take the ball out. Karaman comes to the ball and finds Henning in the middle, he goes to Dusseldorf's management. Then Werder completely lost the thread. Wait, what will happen in the second half.


45 + 2: The last attempt of the first half was another penalty for Verder. There is no problem for Dusseldorf's goalkeeper.

45 minutes: Another corner for Verder. Zack chooses Stephen.

42-min: Baker's meeting against Rushicka. There is no map for Dusseldorf, Coffoldt no longer understands the world.

40 Minutes: Discounts are surprisingly coming. Now let's see how Verder handles that.

Verder Bremen is behind – Hansing is in Dusseldorf

36 minutes: The mistake leads to Dusseldorf 1: 0. Karaman Shakhin will cross the passage. Karaman's goalkeeper, Toprakak and Ghebrehr Selasti are in the wrong position. Hansingz once again took the ball and threw the leather on the stitches. Verder is the first attempt by Dusseldorf on the penalty area.

36 minutes: From where the Dusseldorf gate exits. Rowan Hansings meet!

34-min: Oscar, Zimmerman of Rashitsa, has recently been mixed and flooded. Satner can then clarify.

Range 33: According to Sky, Verder's speed is over 90 percent.

31 minutes: It was worse than the left – Rashika, "Satner explains. But there is a hit, Zweizer should not have ignored it.

28 minutes: The interaction of Toprak and Moyzans works very well, so far we can not reach Düsseldorf. However, the newcomer is now on the floor, so it should be readily available. But it still continues.

25 minutes: There is a lot in Verder on the right. Theo Gébér Selassie goes far, Maxi Eggshein is more focused on it.

22nd minute: So far, this is very sovereign, which brings Vere'der to court. Dusseldorf does not have an important attack.

19 minutes: Short box! Ömer Toprak is completely empty, but changes to two meters.

18th minute: The first yellow card for Dusseldorf, a penalty of Verder for 25 meters in the left position.

16th minute: Further, Verder is focused on a very variable 3-1-4-2 system. Hebra Celassie is very distant, Osaka acts as a link between the attack and the attack.

12th minute:
Vesistradien horses are slow, but fast. Jojo Eggesseyn scored the goal of Werder, but left offside.

9th minute: Friedl tests the chip behind the defense. The ball is in the embrace of Zack Stephen.

6th minute: In the first minutes Werder won with a high pressure and an early ball. Düsseldorf does not have a half.

5 minutes: In the second corner for Werder, Gébéré Celassi scored the ball, not the gate. Düsseldorf can clarify the angle again.

4 minutes: The manager is the first to play for Werder and Dusseldorf on the penalty shoot-out. Claassen is not right. However, Verder is the first corner.

1st minute: The balloon rolls. Felix Zweier blasted the game. Verder first plays in the west, the second round, and then in the eastern curve. For the first time Nicklas Moyzander heads the "green" as the captain on the field.

At 3:28: Teams enter the lawn. After a few minutes, it starts.

15:17: It's a few minutes to fly. Incidentally, today's referee is Felix Zweier. Torsten Schiffner and Marco Ashmueller will help the line.

At 3:10: The voltage increases – it starts in twenty minutes.

At 03:03: Werder Bremen begins Memorial Day in memory of Manny Burgsmiller, who died in May. Former central forward Werder finished the game 142 and scored 44 goals.

14:58: His colleague, Friedrich Fahkel Kohfeld, and Werder, are amazed at the game's style: "It works well, gives you the opportunity to play attractive football, and wants to raise the club to the next level. This is possible. Werder will go to Europe ".

14.55: Werder Coach Florian Coffoldt warns against defending rivals in Dusseldorf: "They have new elements in their game and are not in the classic counter-team. We can not approach the task. It's nothing more than running alone. "

14:47: Last season Werder won with Dusseldorf in their field. On the 14th matchday, Verder won 3-1 in Weserstadium, replacing Martin Hartwick, as a goal scorer and assistant. Also, Josh Sargent scored his third goal in the third goal of the Bundesliga "Verder".

In the second half, Reinhold responded, Verder was sent to Weser with a score of 1: 4. One of the weakest seasons.

14:40: Without a new but still attacking Niklas Fullkrugu, Verder Bremen will start his Bundesliga in the 56th season. Coach Florian Coffold ordered Borussia Dortmund to play against Fortuna Dusseldorf. There he and the captain, Nicklas Moyander, made a central defense. Fullkrug just sat on the bench at the DFB Cup against Atlas Delmenhorst (6: 1). But not Josh Sargent – against Atlas – but surprisingly, it belongs to Johannnes Eggstein.

This tactically suggests that either Yaya Oscoda or Jojo will either leave Eggsteyn's training pass for a short period of time or appear as a real striker. In addition to toprak debut and Eggessein -Person Coffold, there is no change in the top ten in comparison with the match. Meaning: Marco Fredl defended Ludwig Augustinson, still injured, on the right, Theodore Gebrere Celassie.

Midfielder – Nuri Shahin, Davie Klaassen and Maximilian Eggstein, Osaka or Eggstain – will play in attack Milot Rashika. At the Bremer's bank, replace only the nine new permissible substitutes. For the first time in the Bundesliga, the U23 player Simon Stroud (left-handed alternative) and central defender Christian Gross were forced to drop eleventh place due to the Toprak premiere.

"Werder Bremen" against "Fortuna Dusseldorf": composition

At 2.30: The Verder's composition is here.

At 14.30: This is the composition of Fortuna Dusseldorf.

14:27: In the history of the Football League, this pair has been 46 times in history. Twenty-five times green, "Fortuna" won 14 times. In the last ten games against Dusseldorf, Verder Bremen has only lost two matches, the last defeat at home at the Rhineelands – 42 years ago.

14:22: In the beginning of the game, Verder was the only record holder of Bremen Bundesliga's many games, but they did not want to be called Dino. The Green Eustlich match against Bundesliga in 1867 in the history of the club against FC Fortuna Dusseldorf on June 56.

14:14: Two teams are behind the first competition games – Verder won Atleta Delmenhorsten in the DFB Cup with a score of 6: 1, Düsseldorf has celebrated his 3-1 victory over FC Willingworth at FC FC.

14.12 hours: Welcome to the game of "Verder" against Moer and Bundesliga "Dortmund" Dusseldorf. It starts immediately with lists. We are interested in who will turn Florian Coffold into the lawn. The start time is 15.30.

Verder Bremen vs. Fortuna Dusseldorf: Preliminary Report

Florian Coffind certainly knows the statistics. He knows his club does not work well. From 2009/2010, Verder Bremen has won only two of the ten Bundesliga games – now Fortuna plays against Dusseldorf.

Last national league– Success of communication Werder Bremen – 1: 0 in Aintracht Braunschweig, since June 2013/2014, so it has been a while. "This is a statistical picture showing that open matches are always something special," said the head coach Florian CoffoldIt's hard to say what happens with a bag, without actually distributing roles. But it must be against that time Fortuna Dusseldorf (Saturday, 15.30) Verder was good for Bremen – a preliminary report Dickey office*.

"Werder Bremen" opponent Dusseldorf "Fortuna" had to accept many top performers

The trainer Frederick Funkel's team, Verder, begins in Bremen the second year after the Bundesliga move forward, which is more difficult than usual. The Rhinelandans had to endure some of the best performers during the summer. Benito Raman is currently playing "Shalke 04", Dodie Lukebakia at Berk at Hertz, and Marvin Daksch for Hannover 96 – this is the whole attacking division. The pre-trio scored 21 goals – 43% of the total revenue Fortuna Dusseldorf (49 goals). The middle engine, Kevin Stoger, also falls on a long bundle.

No good sign for Fortuna Dusseldorf Bremen ensuring the first success of the new season. Florian Coffold, who has recently extended his contract with Werder Bremen until 2023, still does not see a clear favorite before the match. "No team knows exactly where the 1st day of the match is," said the trainer Werder Bremen no rhythm and his team has not been critically acclaimed for almost three months.

Werder Bremen: Head coach Florian Cofffeld expects Fortuna Dusseldorf "no self-running".

It made a preliminary decision Werder Bremen his home game is against Fortuna Dusseldorf confidently beat 3-1. Бременмен Бавария Мюнхенмен болған ащы кубоктан кейін көп ұзамай шықты, бірақ дөңгелектер астында қалды – 1: 4 Бәрінен бұрын, Вердердің қарсы хеджі ол кезде «Фортунаны» аяусыз пайдаланды: төрт голдың үшеуі жылдам қарсы шабуылдардан кейін түсті. Дюссельдорф сонымен қатар лигадағы ең жақсы қарсы шабуылдаушы командалардың бірі болды және жаңа құрамда да болуы керек Бундеслига маусымы осы агентке қатты салмақ салыңыз. Тек болмаса, қалай Флориан Кохфельд деп санайды. «Олардың ойынында жаңа элементтер бар және оларды енді классикалық контр-командаға төмендетуге болмайды», – деді 36 жастағы және – «аңқау, біз бұл мәселені шешпеуіміз керек. Бұл өздігінен жүгіруден басқа ештеңе болмайды »(Dco)

* DeichStube.de жалпыұлттық Ippen сандық редакциялау желісінің бөлігі болып табылады

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