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YFood from DHDL: This is a taste of a drink that replaces the complete dishes


They really live: people who see food as food. Always under stress, they talk, and there is no time to balance them food care. As a result, there was a rinse with respect to liquid food and appropriate powder versions, which should balance at least rudimentary nutrition. YFood continues this process.

YFood replaces all the food from the "Cave"

For example, the founder of Benjamin Kremer (28) and founder of YFood Noel Bollman (25) took the first step. From the time it was founded Start-ups YFood 2017 worked in the financial industry, making her daily work hard for non-malnutrition. Try again to see why there is no harmful diet and because of it, he fell into the hospital.

"That is why we have developed YFood, a substitute for a full and delicate meal," says Noel. "It consists of a number of natural ingredients and consists of everything needed by body: proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, essential omega fatty acids and a full range of vitamins and minerals." Additionally, 25% of daily necessities of all essential nutrients can be provided with drink and YFood can be up to four hours. The founders of both institutions see their drinks as a healthy and tasty alternative to fast food and nutrition.

How tasty is DHDL? Clients' experience with food drink

YFood is aromatic fragrance:

  • Alpine chocolate
  • Smooth vanilla
  • Cold Brew Coffee and
  • Fresh berries

You can buy a food replacement drink through the official online store or, for example, Amazon. The six boxes of 0.5 liter bottles each cost 20 euros. Package 12 is about 42 euros.

Especially for Amazon clients, YFood reviews based on lactose-free milk are highly appreciated. "Really tasty" and "super taste" and "rich in you" – ratings. But there are also critical voices. For example, about 0.5 liters of sugar is too much of 22 grams, and for others, the drink is too thick.

Will YFood be recently purchased for German retail sale?

In order to accommodate YFood, produced in Austria, at retail and wholesale markets, the founders need € 200,000. On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, at least one of the investors hopes on Tuesday in the "Lions' cave". Lions shed their lips with YFood's ten percent share?

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