Wednesday , February 1 2023

After 16 days, the ship fled to Santorini was destroyed – Newsbeast


On the east coast of the Nea Kameni island in Santorini, Nitesos cargo ship, which was enclosed for sixteen days, with the help of special crews and tugs, led to cracks in the ship's gorge.

For several days the ship was repaired to start the process of crews. At the same time, about 90 tons of gasoline were repaired in his tank, and five tanks that had been brought to his garage were not photographed.

According to the Athens agency, it is expected that the classification society will be re-tested before boarding a 13-person crew with green light on the port of Santorini, so the NEARCHOS can be reported to Spanopoulos yard in Perama.

A joint venture MED TUGS was created to disperse the ship.

Prior to the crash, Nitesos flied from Lebanon to Siros-Tinos-Mykonos-Tire.


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