Thursday , August 11 2022

Another Dutch Dutch tax office invested in debt of 0.03 € ENFIA


The Dutchman did not believe that Laurence Hartman, the cupbearer, failed to take part in investing in Florin because of the wonderful history of tax and bureaucratic conflicts in Greenland.

His tax office banned the sale of land for money to expand the farm. Land sale was credited by Laurence Hartman to a tax office in the euro of three cents.

As an investment bottler, the Dutch owner of the "Karanika" wine factory in Florina had a blast and explosion, which was a great event on Facebook and, of course, the Greek government was a liar.

"Some time ago, we wanted to sell the area for investment in warehouse to do business. This is what we want to expand our wine factory, "explains Harman,

"We needed to be aware of the tax to sell the land. Nevertheless, the official representative of the Florida Institute of Drugs stated that we were in need of this and could not do so, "said Mr. Hartman.

According to the taxpayer, he was ENFIA's debt, but Lorenz Hartmann paid for the company's liability of 380 euros on tax liabilities.

An unexpected surprise for a businessman was surprising when he fully confirmed the payments on unpaid debts. The amount that would hinder the continuation of the investment was three cents.

"Welcome to Greece. I do not get the land of the Greek land for my debts. Significantly? We pay tens of thousands of euros every year and stop the business from doing business in 3 minutes, "he wrote in a photo of a real debit at the tax office.

Indeed, Mr. Hartmann first finished the mail and then asked the tax office.

"Frankly, I do not know how this sum originated. Maybe that's not right, maybe it's interest, I do not know. The construction of the land and the construction of the warehouse will certainly be postponed, "said Hartman.

Recall that last year, the wine-giant faced serious problems with the Greek tax system, but claimed he wanted to leave Greece.

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