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As a Windows service; The operating system is incorrect


The Service does not work as Windows. Of course, Windows is not a service and has never been. It is an operating system and does not need to be updated every six months. Even iOS or Android receives important updates once a year.

Microsoft released a full version of Windows 10 for quality, without explaining what happened to the blog in October 2018. The company did not promise to change anything in the future development process. His sole commitment was to improve transparency and good relations.Windows

A vast range of Windows ecosystems

To justify the company, he said that it should look at "a vast range of Windows ecosystems":

In Windows 10, we offer more than 700 million monthly Windows 10 active devices, with more than 35 million application titles, over 175 million applications, and 16 million unique hardware drivers.

Yes, that's right. Windows has millions of computers and runs billions of applications. However, Microsoft must update and terminate Windows every six months. It can not be used as a cause for permanent errors.

Windows 7 also runs on a large number of computers with different hardware and installs too many applications. But Windows 7 is a working and unchanging version. Microsoft has offered a stable version of hardware manufacturers and software developers, and everything is OK.

Of course, security updates are important. However, Microsoft has been able to retrieve security updates earlier than Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows and have rarely encountered problems.

Nobody asked for Windows as a service

No user has requested that Microsoft develop the operating system as a service. This is the idea of ​​Microsoft.

"Software" is modern. These types of services are typically deployed on remote platforms, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Web applications, such as Gmail and Facebook, are services.

Millions of different hardware configurations can not be an operating system. It can not be easily updated and every update has problems with hardware, drivers, and installed programs. The upgrade process is not operational, which may take a long time to load and install bigger.

What happens if Google does not get something to Gmail? At worst, Gmail will crash, but your computer will not be shot. Millions of applications (or computers!) May stop working when Microsoft Windows makes a mistake.

What does Windows give us as a service?

What service did we offer to Windows? How much has been improved since the first release?

Certainly, Microsoft continues to add new features, such as Timeline and Paint 3D, but how many windows are they interested in? Most of the new features, such as 3D and Microsoft Edge updates, may be released without the need to upgrade the system.

Please review the features of the October 2018 updates and ask them whether they are appropriate for all versions of this version.
Does Microsoft wait another six months before releasing this release?

"Windows as a service" gives us some facts. We have apps like Candy Crush, pre-installed on our computers, but more in-built ads.

Windows does not need six monthly updates

Microsoft should reduce speed. Why not release a new version of Windows once a year?

Apple does this, and Apple does not need "macOS service". Make a new version of Windows every year, give it a new name, and try to fix as many errors as you can. Wait for it to go public. If this is not a month delay.

Use each version of the window as an optional free upgrade. Do not force your customers to keep up to date. Do not confuse them to install the new operating system only after clicking "Check for Updates." If this is good then they set it up.

If your hardware or software does not work properly with the newer version, leave your clients in the old operating system.

Microsoft support will terminate on 7 January, approximately 7 years, starting January 14, 2020.
After that, Windjws 7 users can upgrade to a later version of Windows or have Windows 7, but without security updates.

You can think of how many windows windows are upgrading to Windows 7, but are they afraid to upgrade? How long will it take to stay up-to-date with security updates on Windows 7?

Unfortunately, Microsoft has a stable version of the window! If you are using Windows 10 Enterprise, you can use Window version for 30 months and receive security updates throughout the year.

But for real Microsoft consumers, there should be a beta tester for business companies that pay a good, stable operating system.


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