Saturday , June 19 2021

Atromitos and Public are going to be together with the Super League and Atromitos in Athens

In more detail, "Atromitos Club Sponsor this year is the Sailing Network of Public Shops Located at Ethnomis Antistaseos 27, which is located at 54 shops and penthouses shops on the sidewalk.

Together with the people of Atromitos, the Society creates unique competitions in the world that are related to the world's most up-to-date technologies and world-class events.

In state shops, you'll find a wide range of technology and entertainment products that meet the demands of the most demanding customers at any age because you can find concentration on inspiration and shopping in a variety of areas that complement each other: cinema, mobile and digital, audio and pictures, books and comics, gadgets and games, computers and games.

This is an important partnership of Atromitos Club, because in Greece there is only one place for the technology and entertainment market. "

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