Friday , February 3 2023

Autumn rain of Leonid peak on Saturday night!


This autumn «rainStarred stars Leonteide Saturday night, November 17, to the north, until Sunday, including Greece.

Because there is no cloud (it is very unlikely because of the unexpected weather) suitable for nighttime observations, When the next full moon is on November 23, the sky will be relatively dark.

The Leonids it is an average rainfall, but it is very impressive over time. It usually makes 15 "guns" per hour, but each one has approximately one hundred or even thousands of hours per hour in about 33 years. Their most recent year was in 2001.

Diatonet rain runs from November 6 to November 30 and looks like it came from Leo's stars.

In fact, it leaves the remaining dust particles in the tail of the 55P / Tempel -Tatl comedy discovered in 1865, and each November crosses the Earth's orbit. Comet will return to Earth in 2031.

While the Earth is bypassing the Sun, comet stars fit into the upper atmosphere of the planet, burn friction and form radiant spheres,peptastria"Or break up or down.

Source: RES-EAP

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