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Commission reports on hot European energy routes


Mission to Brussels: Haris Fludopoulos

H regulation of cases under consideration concerning Memorandum reform included energy important asked Greece not only fulfill its obligations to its lenders, but also participate energy cosmogony will be developed in Europe in the coming years on the basis of the agreement on climate change and transition to a closed economy.

But to avoid it in Greece New energy age train Europe needs time to come close the funds it depends release and regional integration including energy markets but also to provide it application European energy rules.

Greece is interested in removing the energy sector from a memorandum of unresolved issues. But what are key messages regarding the hot topic of the EU's energy agenda? To Greece?


The central message of Brussels on the Energy Charter Memorandum should end with the challenges facing Greece's way of regulating. The main sector is related to the completion of the liberalization of the electricity market. It is important to dismantle the LPG's lignite units here. In the absence of competition, sources of the Commission testify that we are entering the Statute unknown water: attempts to identify the causes and causes of the evaluation, but actually update a number of issues that actually affect the hands of the third party hydroelectric production.


Even in the liberalized electricity market, PPC role it may be important regardless of the decrease in the company's remaining share strong pole market. Movements and liquidity injections in the Memorandum were determined by the Commission economic problem on the other hand, he admits its importance for the market. The main message from the Commission is that PKC can end the market liberalization profit. It is a prerequisite for continuation of its consolidation. Like telecommunications and OTE, PPC may have a relative advantage over the new era. If he is more dynamic, the next day his condition will be better.

Long-term strategy

It is expected that the Commission next time long-term energy strategy According to the Paris agreementCOP21) and its purpose energy transition. According to the information, in the three main reports of the report:

First, it is necessary reduction of emissions and pollutants energy efficiency improvement. The report is supposed to do a lot reduction of electric energy emissions, Demand reduction (energy efficiency) and land use.

Secondly, the transition to energy technology, special attention and the main features of storage (storage, batteries, hydrogen, etc.).

Third, waste generation and other alternative energy sources.

According to the sources of the commission, the next day of the market, especially the purpose of carbonization, may be a tool for investment and development. The most typical example is given energy saving in buildings it is expected that the overall European investment in the plan will be mobilized 170 billion euros a year, Sums directed to science, technology, industry, construction. The sooner the Greece postpones the memorandum, the sooner it will be able to fulfill the benefits of development from the energy transition.


For Brussels, The geopolitical role of Greece will remain and will remain in the energy sector in the future knot. According to the commission, Greece contributes to significant energy infrastructure TAP and o IGB, To whom synchronization the unified dependence of the European power system Russia. Taking into account the importance of transitioning energy to the transitory fuels in the role of natural gas at the regional level, it is clear that the broader European interests of these infrastructures are obvious.

In addition to the Commission's concerns about Russia, Brussels has also noticed mobility of Chinese companies further to the European market. Prerequisites respect for European regulations European supplies are provided for the safety of shipments, which also concerns the interest shown by Chinese companies for their active participation in the Greek market.

Interconnect Crete – Cyprus

excuse me subsidy-mammoth The Commission is explicitly outlined for important European projects stigma Two major electrical interactions in the area of ​​interference observed in the last week are interconnection Attica – Crete and interconnection Crete – Cyprus. Technical issues in the consultations between the two companies involved in the project (APHIE and Eurasia InterconnectionAccording to the Commission, it can be resolved at the level of political understanding, taking into account the good cooperation between Greece and Cyprus, including the energy sector. The cooperation between the two projects will help eliminate the isolation of the member states (Cyprus) and the largest island of Crete (Crete), and explain the Commission's initiative to find a political solution to the technical involvement of the two companies, a tripartite meeting of Commissioners You do it and energy ministers from Greece and Cyprus, Stathiki and G. Laktorrypi respectively.

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