Monday , January 30 2023

Eliass Gocks: Why did his student divide him?


She looked at her with love, but her end to her involvement in Survivor 2 was the end of her relationship.

If Elijah Gocksis had been in a five-year relationship with Christina and said that she was accompanying her, she was one of the most important people in her life, and both were violated when she became self-conscious.

"After the game, I think my life has changed. As duties and jobs grow, Christina is tired of distance. In general, I'm not one of the other people who feel threatened. If I have a wife, I will not be elsewhere. The person accompanying me feels confident. When people are getting to know you, they bring you social messages ", he asked in the final interview he won at Survivor 2, which he gave to Down Town, explaining how much he had in his relationship.

And he continued, "Nature has jealousy, but I do not do it, I understand them completely. I always judged somebody, so I entered his shoes, and I understand why he can do that. He could not control Survivor's openness, but I could not handle it. So I justify it and I fully respect it, and it has decided to stop our relationship. Nothing can be done, everything can be done for everyone. Relationships are tested every day and they win. Trophies, titles, recognition, do not provide you with strong relationships, I am interested in Christina and I want to be good. No, I refused. I thought it was normal. "

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