Sunday , August 1 2021

Fotis Kouvelis: The government respects and honors an independent fair – News – News

"The government respects the sovereignty of justice and its decisions, and gives you unjustified benefits from your old wages and pensions," said Minister of Maritime Affairs and Islands Policy Favic Kouvalis yesterday. Coast Guard Corps Association. He assured him that "the government will achieve the desired results and will take a tough fight on the legislative initiative."

Referring to the role of the Port Authority, he played a crucial and catalytic role at the national level for the protection of refugees and migrants, maritime boundaries and protection of the marine environment.

He emphasized that dialogue and co-operation between countries and peoples are the basis of dialogue and peaceful co-existence of peoples not only in contravention of rhetoric and non-international threats, but also on fundamental principles of good.

Mr. Kouvelis said that our relationship with our country would be a grave mistake to understand and understand as a weakness. He said he would be good and clever to get a good readiness of the armed forces and genuine patriotism. its leaders and people.

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