Monday , June 5 2023

German Mass Media: Outpost Prison, Moria, Risk of Humanitarian Disaster


In the dramatic and inhuman conditions of the Molia refugee camp in Lesvor, the German press returned.

A new report published by Frankfurter Rundschau is the new report by Human Rights Watch that warns about the humanitarian situation in the Greek refugee centers. In winter, it is necessary to improve the living conditions of asylum-seekers, "wrote Frankfort, a humanitarian organization. The Norwegian correspondent went to the HRW center for the humanitarian catastrophe in Morya and according to the HRW report. "In his latest report HRW warns of" a widespread humanitarian catastrophe, "because Mori has no winter defenses. Today, although the camp is designed for 3100 people, there are more than 6800 people. In Europe, thousands of people who need protection are deprived of their basic human rights, "said Tador Gardo, Human Rights Watch's representative.

He says EU's support policy, seeking asylum in the Greek Islands, has turned Lesbest into an open prison. HRW interviewed 26 asylum seekers in the island. They saw the uncontrolled flows of impurities in Moria that could cause sewage pipes and infectious diseases. Some containers have 15 people – one square meter. Most do not even have a mattress.

Human Rights Watch urged the Greek government to improve housing conditions for asylum-seekers in Lesvoe and the Aegean islands, and to protect housing, clean water and attacks. HRW also raises EU responsibility: "The situation of the islands becomes a collective shame for Europe," said the humanitarian organization.

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