Thursday , August 11 2022

How do you do the best online marketing research if you look at Black Friday?


The "fever" of applications is ours, because we are counting for a few days only for Black Friday, and useful tips for consumers to achieve significant success and avoid conflicts.

There are specialists in the channels, the list of consultations is the Internet and social media hits, the market review is "customer" advice.

One of the most useful tools available to consumers in this direction is the recent search and price comparison services, such as, which has created an intelligent support for online buyers who have recently been reluctant to purchase.

"BestPrice Assistant" is the "browser extension" for free and is an innovative application that helps the consumer find the best online prices online at 1,800 online stores.

How does this work? When an add-on user visits an online store or website, especially for a product that's of interest, BestPrice Assistant reports that the price he / she appears is the best in the market. If not, then the program will automatically display the best or best pricing of one product from in the browser.

If the user arrives at one of the 1,800 online stores in Greece, which works with, the Assistant will notify you of the opportunities and offers available at that store.

With BestPrice Assistant, the user has the ability to compare product prices when seeing major YouTube ebooks, such as Amazon and Apple, or when viewing the YouTube screen with viewers and product reviews.

It also has the ability to see user ratings directly in the browser, even receive notifications of falling interest rates, offers, and discount coupons.

Click here for more information or to get the BestPrice Helper.

Then follow the instructions for setting up the browser extension available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Therefore, if you do not cancel Black Friday or you are looking for offers from online buyers and look for the best prices, but there is no time to lose, BestPrice Assistant is the most effective tool for you.

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