Friday , December 3 2021

Justice should be further investigated


The ND and PASOK government and health care ministers' timely political commitments are evident in the NCOs and highlight the current government's political responsibility, as it makes strategic strategies that make the most healthier health possible. In addition, the PMC notes the need for further investigation of any criminal liability by appealing to the court Henry Dunn as well as in other cases of the Health Expertise Board.

At a meeting of the Investigative Committee on the Study of Health Conflicts, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CPS, George Lambroulis, said that his party's position should be considered in any complaints about wrongdoing and misconduct, and that all these subjects are dangerous to our people – unlimited health status. Henry Dunoon Hospital was the largest Greek non-governmental organization in Greece, the Red Cross of Greece, which sold its work, "said Lambrill.

"The main disadvantage of medical and nursing workers is the lack of medical equipment, the health of the population for expensive goods, and the constant disruption of state funding of hospitals. this is a very dangerous situation, "said the KCI deputy, which is a result of a strategic choice, which is not accidental, but reducing social costs and causing damage to the population.

"In this regard, we consider it necessary to examine all the cases and the fulfillment of the political commitments of the ND and PACO governments, as well as the ministers in charge of these affairs. In addition, it is necessary to further investigate any criminal liability, if necessary, by submitting a relevant file to the Department of Justice of the Henry Dunoon court, which discusses the current situation. and another hypothesis that creates the following archives (arthroscopy, HCDCP, medicine), "said George Lambroulov," At the same time, we also have to underline the huge political commitment of the current government to further deteriorate the health of these strategic parameters, ING. "

Henry Dunant Company

For the evidence that Henry Dunnan Hospital has become a private hospital, especially from a charitable organization, the KCP's former president, Henry Dunnann, has made it clear that the hospital is functioning as a business and that it works well. The state of Henry Dunnan, its formation, functioning and modern development has all the basic characteristics of business based on the mantle of "commonly-used hospital", which is called "mixed economy". Indeed, all political forces – except KCSE, should be monitored by public hospitals when it is described as a "hospital model", "G. Kozhakova said. "All other political parties – especially former members of the new Democracy and PASOK and today's SYRIZA – ANEL. Henry Dunoon Hospital is Greece's largest Greek non-governmental organization in Greece, the Red Cross of Greece, who sold its business to insurance funds or directly to patients' customers.

Henry Daynan, a member of the FBI, attempted to expand the range of obstetrics and gynecology by joining the Medical Center, but this step was competitive in the healthcare group – including Leto and Mother – and the "killing" for a real cigar pie. In response, he denied co-ordination with the Medical Center Group of loans granted to the owner of MARFIN – HYGEIA – Henry Dunnan.

All of the above are general characteristics of capitalism operations, and the KPR deputy said at a meeting of the Investigative Committee that "all government actions – closed hospitals, hospitals, primary health care units, hundreds of insurance payments, disability of basic doctors in all areas, physical treatment payments, speech therapy, all of which are part of a long, long-lasting anti-union action. "

«The immortal world of entrepreneurs»

"Henry Daynan, former presidents' announcements like EPS and MARFIN are" a monument "to the foolish world of entrepreneurs and their aspirations. Investments, competitiveness, markets, business unions and conflicts of profits, "said the KCU deputy," This is a "smell" from Henry Dunning. Because others know how many people are, and maybe also have a "consensus" that conflicts with business interests.

He also said that the government and other political forces would overcome the real dimension of the problem. That is, ignoring the needs and rights of the people, the policy that enhances entrepreneurship in the health care industry will not be justified, and any offense that can be punished by any offense will not justify the "greenhouse" that regenerates this policy.

"The owner of the state"

"The issue of the solution of Errikos Dynan Hospital for KHE is not a business entity, but a business or a combination of public-private partnerships, called the" mixed economy ", the logic of the SIRIZA-ANEL government's movement. The only solution for popular interests is to hire a full state of the hospital, to finance and work, and provide free services to all people, "the MP said.

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