Saturday , June 25 2022

Katerina Caravati and Maria Eliaky (video)


Maria Iliaki has long been acquainted with the TV, Katherine Caravatta, speaking in the hub of Ku Ku, and talking about many things. In fact, what is happening to television in the last two years?

"Two years ago there was something in my life. I decided to abandon a relationship that I did not like and that I was working as a therapist. A month later, she was cut off and left alone to see what I was doing there. Then I realized that I did not do it and I had to correct it. I realized that I had made the wrong choice, that I was wrong, and that my life would lead to myself. Because I helped something similar to humanity, I can not. The main mistakes I have made over these years – because I did not see anything, I felt like something was lost. I did not learn to listen to simple things in life, "admits Maria Iliaki. Some sources have been created before …

"On the first day, I remember talking to this person, Stelios, and I told Katerina Caravatta and Maria Iliaki about a man who changed her everyday life: I always thought of you to make you happy. Not supported. If you are not right. I knew Stelios for 7 years, but I did not take it … When I felt good, that person entered my life, and I saw, touched, and I'm very glad. "

Karavatou – Iliaki: "Two years ago there were several things …"

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