Saturday , June 19 2021

Mickotakis: Church Leadership Used by Mr. Tsipras – News – News

The conviction of thousands of new Democrats of the Democracy about the composition and salaries of Mr. Tsipras is the Bureau of the Greek Association of Sacred Religious Associations, to the new President of Democracy, Kiryakos Mitotakis, to invite 10,000 additional friends to SIRIZA.

Mr. Mitotackis also noted that there was no prior information from the Government or Archives before announcing the New Democracy.

At a meeting in the Parliament's office, the believers recently asked for a new president of Democracy, saying they disagreed with the announcement of Mr. Tsipras and the archbishop. to maintain relations with the state today. It is paid by the Unified Paying Agency.

"If we were not civil servants, how many years did we call it the state?" Was they one of the main rhetorical arguments?

"Of course, I regret that another communist guerrilla government and the leadership of the Greek Church used Mr. Tsipras at the end of the pre-election games," Mickotakis said. The largest opposition agreement.

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