Friday , September 30 2022

Mickotakis: There is no need for unnecessary rents in the country's public sector


ND Kiriacos Nitotakis, who was deported from the Ottoman Empire and celebrated his 106th birthday, described the issue as "shameless", saying that the country and the Greek people and the ND would not vote.

"Here at the border of Castorie, we say ND does not vote in the current or next parliament by this agreement," said Kyriacos Mitsotakis. "A few kilometers from the casttoria lake has been miraculously attracted to the lake, but it has been known to all the Greeks that the Pespansa signed with Tsipras, and the agreement that Camdenos gave to Macedonian and Macedonian ethnic relations to our neighbors."

He said, "Today, we respect those who live in Castoria and who have been entrusted to release Macedonia."

ND the Leader also said for a long time that he "had a long-term pre-electoral campaign in the country," and "the benefits of Mr. Tsipras's efforts for the country's political redevelopment" have led to unnecessary employment in the public sector, investment and national development plan. "

Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kammenos "have no such plan, because of the worst post-conflict habits that have led us to bankruptcy."

Kiryakos Mitsotakis said, "Tsipras and Kamenos will enter their hands and feet and will depend on their chairs."

"Greek citizens have come to power for the sake of Mr. Tsipras, they do not have to pay and fall," says Michikotis.

Answering a question about the candidacy of Governor George Kastapidus in the western region of Macedonia, he has been known for several years by George Casapid and has expressed his confidence in the development plan for Western Macedonia, which says, "Western Macedonia has become blue after the regional elections.

ND President attended a celebratory ceremony of the Agios Minas Church and attacked the church on the Battle of Massie Benjone and attended a parade of students from the city and university universities, as well as military units of the district.

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