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In the dramatic and inhuman conditions in the Moldovan refugee center in Lesbos, German press returns. A new report by Human Rights Watch Frankfurter Rundschau warns of the inhumane situation in the Greek refugee centers.

The German daily Frankfurter quotes the humanitarian organization as saying that it is necessary to improve the living conditions of people seeking asylum before the winter. For Moria Humanitarian Disaster, a German correspondent goes to Moria Center and points out the outcome of HRW talks about refugees.

In its latest report, Human Rights Watch warns of a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe, as winter intensity in Mori is unstable. Today, although the camp is designed for 3100 people, there are more than 6800 people. Thousands of people who want to be protected in Europe are deprived of basic human rights, says HRW's Tador Gardue.

He noted Lesbos was openly imprisoned with the support of the EU, including asylum seekers in the islands of Greece. HRW interviewed 26 asylum seekers in the island. They saw the uncontrolled flows of impurities in Moria that could cause sewage pipes and infectious diseases. Some containers have 15 people – one square meter. Most do not even have a mattress.

Human Rights Watch urged the Greek government to improve the living conditions of asylum-seekers in Lesvos and other Aegean islands in the winter, as well as to protect housing, clean water and attacks. HRW also responds to the EU: "The position of the islands is collective shame for Europe," says the humanitarian organization.

Concerns about Mercenary lodges

The main topic in the German press is the statement by Angela Merkel, Friedrich Mercz's followers on housing in Germany. Merzs said that it should be discussed that this fundamental right can be maintained in its present form. The Christian-democratic politician resumed after the reaction, explaining that he was skeptical of his fundamental rights in the shelter.

H Süddeutsche Zeitung Criticizes Friedrich Merz's comment. He says: "The commodity does not know or do not know that the EU's general housing bill is already well-developed. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights consists of Article 18 which provides for the right to housing as defined in the Geneva Conventions on Refugees. And there is still a European Union Directive establishing uniform rules for recognizing refugees (Directive 2011/95 / EU). In this case, the European Union offers the right to receive asylum under the German Constitution. There is no deficiencies in the European Union Law as "Merts", and there is insufficient commitment by states to respect it.

Friedrich Mert may also be harshly criticized Südwest Presse: "Fr. Merts legal and political. As a politician, he must know that the fundamental right of the asylum is not an article in the German Constitution. This is the answer to the Holocaust, Germany recognizing the responsibility for crimes in the Second World War. That is why he must know that his proposal – from the legal point of view, is of interest, "he says.

H Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung showing that the fundamental constitutional right of the asylum is "a sacred cow of German politics", Friedrich Merke recognizes how timely and historically the question is. According to Frankfurter's diaries, "According to Article 16a, the right of asylum remains the only necessary embodiment of the German law, when it is a symbol of humanity and legitimacy, and does not become a memorial reminiscent of the time that the state still remembers. protect its borders and comply with its rules. "

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