Wednesday , October 5 2022

Movies of 18/11/18 weekly on 12/11/18


For week's cinemas, the price for "Unity" continues and this week will cover all the productions starting Thursday, 15 November 2018.

Fantastic advances: Grindlewald's crime
Greek title: Fantastic animals, crime of Grendwad
Duration: 133 minutes
Category: Fantastic adventure
Description: At the end of the first film, powerful dark master Geller Gandelwad (Johnny Depp) was arrested by MACUSA (New York Congress) with the help of New Edward Redman. But because of his threat, he runs away. Its purpose – to do its own plan, as far as possible, is its specific agenda – gathering defenseless people for allies – breathing fresh wing magicians to put pressure on all. To break Hongning's plans, Jung Lot is calling for a former Scoutman pupil who takes care of him and ignores the dangers before them. Soon, the masks fall apart, and the line breaks out in love and loyalty, and even in close-knit friends or in one of the family's members, in the increasingly divided world of magic.

Aegean: SOS
Duration: 101 minutes
Category: Comedy
Description: Summer 2018. The Greek and Turkish frigates cause the Aegean Sea. However, a major earthquake in the international territorial waters leads to a rocky island. Greeks and Turks send troops directly to the island. Each platoon gets about half. Interesting but important events between the Greeks and the Turks prevent the tsunami.

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