Tuesday , January 31 2023

Panathinaikos – Olympiacos: specific issues and "days off"


The second Panathinaikos and Olympiacos battles took place during a few days during the critical phase of the two teams Euroleague and he repeatedly asked the team some questions.

Panathinaikos – Olympiacos: «Crazy» Pappas «Puree cleaned»!

Panathinaikos took Derbi to his place, but Nicholas Pappa's (24, 3 and 2 4/8 out of 8) – did not satisfy Dimitris Giannakopoulos after the OAKA match.

The "bad" percentage of free bells (10/22 versus Olympiacos) was the habit, the picture was worse than the three points (7/26 in red), and there is a problem with the racquets, as Gish and Lomas did not deliver the expected (especially Gabons).

Panathinaikos – Olympiacos, Pasqual: "We played better than 9 points difference"

OAKA … The Paskal players gave the action they needed to work well in defense, but only 4 mistakes played their last. Panathinaikos is located in 4-3 inches Euroleague It is very close to the 7th game and the eighth table (now 7th).

For Olympiacos, the situation in the second year after "eternal" personality is diminishing Euroleague out of octave (10 in 3-4 records). There is nothing to protect Red-White, and even more in the absence of Tupan. In addition, the irritation shown by Spanoulis and Milutinov in the arbitrators' compulsion forced Pire to "work".

Panathinaikos – Olympiacos, Spapleto in Papias: "Promise not to spit in your face!"

Leand had a very good attack (20/3 and 7/8 shots), but during the defense, he did not let the fight against racquet fight and fight against competition. For his basketball, Blatt's involvement in the striking games dramatically affected him.

Olympiacos – Blatta: How long Calatis came to Greece when he played?

Nielsel Williams-Gos seems to have failed to fulfill the duties of the dress so he can not offer the desired help – very well blocked – Spanulis. The Olympiacos need security guards and David Blunt's "green light" burning. Too much of what's happening is the Jordan Raptor's 25-year-old Jordan Lloyd.

We had a "day off" and we met Barcelona on Wednesday and play on Friday in Vittoria. Regarding "Red", they will play with Bavaria on Tuesday in Munich, and on Friday they will have Real Madrid. You can set up two Greek teams in these days Conclusion 4 or they can only be abandoned in the long run of the crisis.

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